Monday, September 13, 2021

How to use RT Points in Rakuten Trade to offset brokerage fee

Rakuten Trade is currently the first and the only Malaysian stockbroking online platform with a loyalty point system and also allows offset of stock trading brokerage fee by using your accumulated RT Points.

With this mechanism, if you have enough RT Points in your account, you can literally trade with zero brokerage fee when you wholly offset it with your RT Points.

Each RT Points carries a value of RM0.01. As such, if you have 1,000 RT Points, that is equivalent to RM10 value that you can use to pay for brokerage fee.

Rakuten Trade offers 3 different types of stock trading accounts: Cash Upfront, Contra, and RakuMargin. Each of them will have a separate CDS number, but you can access to all of them using a single Rakuten Trade user account.

Normally, a brokerage firm will charge you RM10 for each new CDS number account opening, but opening stock trading account with Rakuten Trade (including the CDS account) is free of charge and can be completed wholly online without the need to fill up paper forms or meeting in person.

If you use this link to open a new Rakuten Trade account, you can get 500 RT Points within 30 days upon your account activation. Beside that, if you start your trading within the first 10 business days after account activation, your first online trading brokerage fee will be rebated as additional RT Points as well.

The brokerage fee of Rakuten Trade online platform is among the cheapest in Malaysia, ranging from a minimum of RM7 to a maximum of RM100. If you trade in large amount per transaction, the maximum cap of RM100 will be a very attractive rate.

If you do day trading (buying and selling the same share within the same day) using your contra account, the brokerage fee for your selling transaction will also be rebated.

Below are some of the ways to accumulate RT Points:

  • Refer your friends to Rakuten Trade (500 RT Points each)
  • Trading brokerage fee (RM2 = 1 RT Point)
  • Deposit at least RM5,000 into your trading account within 5 business days after account activation (150 RT Points for each type of accounts)
  • Transfer shares from your other CDS to your Rakuten Trade CDS (150 RT Points)
  • Participate in Rakuten Trade's online and offline events, seminars, talks, survey, etc.

Online trading with Rakuten Trade can be performed either with the Rakuten Trade web platform or the mobile app.

To offset your brokerage fee with your RT Points, make sure you select the "Use RT Pts to lower Brokerage" option in your Buy/Sell order, before you click on the Confirm button.

The same applies in mobile app.

Beside able to use for brokerage offsetting, you can also transfer your RT Points to AirAsia BIG, Bonuslink or Boost at a 1:1 conversion rate.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

How long will the points get expired?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Normally, the RT Points have a lifespan of 36 months (3 years), unless otherwise specified by Rakuten Trade.

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