Friday, September 16, 2016

Docasa DCS-BS02W non-electric water bidet for toilet water closet

I have just installed some Docasa DCS-BS02W non-electric water bidets in my residence's toilets. Each set of them cost only RM175 (or RM185.50 after GST).

This type of water bidet spray is pretty simple in design, and does not need to use electric to function. Just affix it onto the toilet bowl and attach its pipe to the existing water inlet of the water tank, and it is ready to function.

Its nozzle is able to spray water at the pressure of 0.05 MPa to 0.8 MPa, and its spraying angle is adjustable.

This Docasa DCS-BS02W is very easy to use. It has a level to adjust the high/low angle of water spray, and a big knob which clockwise is to spray the water at different intensity, and anticlockwise is a self-cleaning function whereby water is flowing down instead of spraying out.

This kind of water bidet is very popular in Japan, Taiwan and some other places. Normally they are electrical which can heat up and supply warm water, and the price is quite expensive. Although this Docasa DCS-BS02W is not able to heat up water, it is non-electric and very easy to install, and its price is much more affordable.

If you are still using toilet papers or external spraying hose, you might probably also want to switch to this type of bidet. It is gentle, clean and environmental friendly. I also makes your toilet looks modern and classy to your guests.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Johari Window

The Johari Window is a model developed back in 1955 by 2 psychologists Joseph Luft (Joe) and Harrington Ingham  (Harry), named after their combined first names.

It is a heuristic method originally used for self awareness, to examine your characters that you are aware of, and those that others are aware of. There is also a portion which so far nobody is aware of.

The Johari Window consists of 4 quadrants:

  • Open / Arena: represents traits of subject that both you and others are conciously aware of.
  • Hidden / Façade: represents traits of subject that you are aware of, but hidden from others.
  • Blindspot: represents your blindspot where others are aware of but not you.
  • Unknown: represents the mysterious area where nobody is aware of yet.
Nowadays the Johari Window is also commonly used in knowledge management, to examine the areas of knowledge between 2 parties (eg. superior and subordinate, supplier and customer, 2 different departments, 2 colleagues, 2 business partners, ...)

There are parts that known to both parties, and also parts that known to one party only, and also parts that unknown by both parties.

By sharing of information/knowledge with each other, i.e. ask for the parts in your blindspot, and tell about the parts in your hidden area, the open area can then be expanded.
At the same time, both parties will explore into the unknown area. The discovered parts will then be included into own hidden area, and if shared out, will further enlarge the open area. The parts discovered by the other party will initially fall into your bind area, and if shared out, will also become part of the open area.

Think of a person or a group in your mind, what is the Johari Window looks like? How you would like the Johari Window to look like? What action should you take to make that happen?

Monday, September 5, 2016

UniFi goodies: Switch to HyppTV Ruby Pack at no additional cost and get RM30 AEON Shopping Voucher

Today, I've received an email from TM Takeout with their HyppTV Mooncake Festival Ruby Pack Migration Campaign 2016 promotion as follow:

I have carefully checked the sender's email. It is not a scam and is really sent out from TM email server.

I clicked on the link and checked the URL of the webpage opened by the link. It is an HTTPS secured webpage, with valid SSL certificate issued by Entrust CA.

So, it is real!

I then checked on the Terms and Conditions that I need to agree in order to accept the offer.

The Terms and Conditions states that:
  • The Campaign starts from 1 September 2016 until 15 September 2016.
  • Only eligible to existing HyppTV subscribers of Aneka or Varnam Pack.
  • The migration to Ruby Pack is free of charge, and there will be no additional monthly charge as long as the migration was done within this campaign period.
  • Subscribers who have done the migration within this campaign period are eligible to receive a HyppTV Moon Cake Festival AEON shopping voucher worth RM30.

Its too good to be true as there is nothing to lose for the subscriber to accept the migration offer, and at the same time can get a RM30 voucher too.

Normally, the Ruby pack is RM10/month more expensive than the Aneka and Varnam pack for TM UniFi subscribers.

The Ruby pack consists of Chinese channels including tvN HD, Channel [V] Taiwan, now Baugu Movies, now Chinese Drama, now Jelli HD, Red by HBO, SCM, SCM Legend HD, SETI, Star Chinese Channel and TVB8.

So, if you also received this offer email from TM Takeout, think carefully first before trash it away. If you haven't received it, you might probably want to find it in your spam folder, or call 100 to find out from TM about your eligibility.

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