Monday, October 14, 2019

Comparing Amaron Go / Hi-Life / Pro car batteries of NS40 NS60 NS70

We learnt about how to choose a better maintenance free car battery earlier on, and understood the various terms such as:

  • Size
  • Performance rating
  • Amp Hour (AH) value
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) value
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
With the above knowledge, now we can compare the Amaron brand car batteries, with additional information such as their respective warranty period and indicative price.

Amaron batteries sold in Malaysia are divided into 3 series: Go (economy), Hi-Life (world-renowned) and Hi-Life Pro (ultimate).

Their differences in terms of AH, RC, CCA, weight, warranty period and price are shown in the tables below.

Amaron NS40 batteries:

Amaron NS60 batteries:

Amaron NS70 batteries:

The 3 tables above are courtesy from Big

In general, if there is sufficient space in the battery compartment of your car, and your car is using an NS40 battery, it can be upgraded to NS60 battery. The same goes for cars that are using NS60 battery to upgrade to NS70 battery.

Normally, upgrading to a larger size battery will give you better AH, RC and CCA values, in exchange for heavier weight and more expensive price.

However, for the case of Amaron brand of battery, you need to also look into the different series of the battery as well. For example, the Amaron NS40 Hi-Life series is comparable to the Amaron NS60 Go series, with identical RC value and much better CCA value.

Anyhow, upgrading from Amaron NS40 to NS60, or from Amaron NS60 to NS70, of the same series (eg. NS40 Hi-Life to NS-60 Hi-Life) will give you improvement in all the AH, RC and CCA values, and the price difference between NS40 and NS60 of the same series is not much.

Hope that this piece of information is able to help you to make up your mind with which model specs of battery you want to choose the next time you want to change your car battery, and you've decided to go after the Amaron brand.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Boost free personal accident insurance coverage for bill payment protection

Shortly after Touch n Go e-wallet launched their free personal accident insurance campaign, now Boost e-wallet also introduces a free personal accident insurance coverage for their users, namely the Bill Payment Protection.

You can find it inside the Boost mobile app, under Do more > Bill Payments section.

You will need to enroll for this Bill Payment Protection insurance coverage by provide your personal detail in the enrolment online form after tapping on the Bill Protection menu item as shown above.

Upon successful enrolment, you will receive a confirmation email similar to the one as shown below.

This free personal accident insurance coverage is linked to your bill payments made with Boost using the Do more > Bill Payments > Pay Bills function, including repaying your PTPTN education loan or top-up SSPN-i education fund with Boost.

This insurance is underwritten by Lonpac Insurance Berhad. If you have enrolled for this insurance and have made bill payments of at least RM100 via the Boost app during a calendar month, you will be covered for one month Bill Payment Protection with up to RM1000 sum insured due to Accidental Death, up to RM2000 due to Permanent Disablement, and up to RM1000 hospitalization allowance for accident caused treatment.

The insurance coverage will take effect for 1 month, beginning on the next month after the RM100 Boost spending on bill payments is fulfilled.

You can claim for this insurance in parallel with your other personal insurance coverage. All benefits are paid in addition to and regardless of any other insurance policies you may have.

To enjoy for this insurance benefit, your age must be between 16 to 80.

There are 4 attachments in the confirmation email, which will inform you clearly about this insurance scheme, and how to make the claim. The attachments are:
  • Bill Payment Protection Policy
  • Bill Payment Protection FAQ
  • Claim Procedure
  • Claim Form
If you are a Boost e-wallet user, this is something free and nice to have.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Free 3 months Unifi with Pay Nothing year end promotion

Currently TM Unifi is running a Pay Nothing promotion targeted to both new and existing Unifi high-speed broadband users, which waives the monthly subscription fee until 31 December 2019.

For new users, all you need to do is subscribe to new Unifi Home or Unifi Biz Internet service from the list below:
  • Unifi 30Mbps unlimited @ RM89/month
  • Unifi 50Mbps unlimited @ RM99/month
  • Unifi 100Mbps @ RM129/month
  • Unifi 30Mbps VDSL @ RM139/month
  • Unifi 100Mbos + TV bundle @ RM159/month
  • Unifi 300Mbps @ RM199/month
  • Unifi Biz Pro 100Mbps @ RM139/month
  • Unifi Biz 300Mbps turbo @ RM249/month
  • Unifi Biz 500Mbps turbo @ RM299/month
  • Unifi Biz 800Mbps turbo @ RM349/month
and you will be able to enjoy your package fee waiver until 31 December 2019. At the most, you will get fee waiver for 3 months consecutively (October, November and December).

For existing users with no outstanding bill payment, all you need to do is to have a new 24 months contract with TM Unifi to enjoy the Pay Nothing year end promotion. You can opt to either:
  • remain with your existing plan
  • upgrade your plan with a new one from the list above
  • downgrade your plan with a new one from the list above
It is advisable for existing users who are enjoying special discount or special package benefit in their existing Unifi subscription to think carefully before opting to change their existing plan, because their current plan could be more attractive than the new plans available.

If you join the promotion and choose to stay with your existing plan, then your plan and price will stay the same as it is, but the contract period will be extended for another 24 months. Upon approval from TM, you will start enjoying the Pay Nothing period until 31 December 2019.  At the most, you will get fee waiver for 3 months consecutively (October, November and December).

Note that the Pay Nothing fee waiver is applicable to your base Unifi subscription plan only. If there is any one time charge or pay-per-use service such as Video On Demand, etc. in your monthly bill, those additional items are still chargeable.

You can apply to join in for this Pay Nothing year end promotion through Unifi website or MyUnifi mobile app. Existing users who do not want to be restricted by the new 24 months contract period can just ignore this promotion and need to do nothing.

You can visit to this webpage for more official information about this promotion from TM Unifi.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Online paying PTPTN / SSPN-i with credit card through Boost

If you are looking for a way to use your credit card to repay your PTPTN loan or to top-up the SSPN-i fund of your kids, you've found the right place here!

The idea is pretty simple: use your credit card to load up your Boost e-wallet, and pay your PTPTN and/or SSPN-i with Boost.

The following payment targets are currently supported by Boost:
  • PTPTN Konvensional
  • PTPTN Ujrah
  • PTPTN SSPN-i Plus
If you also have an AirAsia BigPay account, you can make use of the following way to get the best out of both e-wallets while paying your PTPTN and/or SSPN-i using your credit card.

First of all, make sure you have enough balance in your BigPay account to make the payment. If you have insufficient balance, load it with your credit card. Your BigPay e-wallet can store up to RM10,000 in it.

After that, in your Boost e-wallet, set your BigPay Mastercard as your top-up source.

Your Boost e-wallet can store up to RM1,500 in it. For every RM10 Boost top-up you made using BigPay Mastercard, you will earn 1 BIG Point in your AirAsia BIG Rewards account. If you reloaded RM1,500 into your Boost e-wallet using this method, you will get 150 BIG Points.

Before you proceed to make your payment in Boost, you can look for any Mission available in Boost that is relevant to your payment to be made, such as the one as shown below.

Remember to activate your Mission first, before you proceed to make your payment. You will have chance to earn some money by completing Mission in Boost.

To make payment to your PTPTN and/or SSPN-i account, go to "Do more" menu (tap on the Boost's heart shape icon on the top menu), and tap on "Pay Bills".

Search for PTPTN / SSPN-i under the Loans list. Currently they are listed at the very bottom of the page. You can make use of the quick search function inside the Select Utilities page to seek for them.

After that, just follow the on screen instruction to complete your payment. Note that RM1.00 will be charged by Boost and deducted from your payment amount.

Your payment should be reflected in your PTPTN / SSPN-i account within one working day, and you will receive a notification email from PTPTN as confirmation of your payment made.

Note that you can join the SSPN-i and SSPN-i Plus lucky draw contest if you top-up your account now.

Lastly, remember to repay your credit card when your statement comes. You can earn some cashback using this method if your credit card is of cashback type. Note that not all cashback credit cards are giving cashback for AirAsia BigPay reload and/or Boost reload. If you are using credit cards that give reward points, you can earn some reward points instead.

If you find this information useful and beneficial, please click the share button(s) below to share this message with your family, friends and relatives.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Check for bad sectors in USB thumb drive and fix it with AOMEI Partition Assistant

I have a USB thumb drive which I suspect it is having bad sectors because accessing certain files in it will prompt out read error.

MS Windows has a disk error checking tool which you can access by right-click on the drive in Windows Explorer, and go to Properties > Tools > Error checking then click on the Check button. However, it reported no error found. Using the chkdsk command at command prompt produced the same result: no error found.

Is it really no error found? Or the tool that comes with MS Windows just unable to detect the error?

I found out the bad sectors when I checked the USB thumb drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant. Therefore, the answer is clear: MS Windows Error Checking or chkdsk just unable to detect the bad sectors!

To check for the bad sectors, execute AOMEI Partition Assistant, right click on the disk you want to check, select Advanced and then Check Partition.

After that, select "Check whether there is bad sector on the partition" and click the OK button.

This function just helps you discover if there is any bad sector, but it won't help you to fix the bad sector(s) found.

This is how I repaired the bad sectors in my USB thumb drive: copy all the files from the USB thumb drive to a folder in my hard disk. There are certain files unable to be copied due to the bad sectors problem, and need to be replaced by backup copy.

After that, reformat the USB thumb drive. Do not use the "quick format" option, make sure it is a full format. I reformatted my USB thumb drive using AOMEI Partition Assistant too.

Then, check for bad sectors using the steps above again to the reformatted USB thumb drive. If the bad sectors can be recovered, they will become usable sectors again.

Finally, copy or move back all the files from hard disk to the USB thumb drive. Run another bad sector check, and my USB thumb drive is fully recovered now!

Click here to download the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition software for free. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

How to transfer money (in / out) between MAE e-wallet and Maybank account

MAE (Maybank Anytime Everyone) is Maybank e-wallet inside the Maybank MY mobile app, which share the same mobile app with existing Maybank e-banking functions.

To register for new MAE account, and to access to the MAE account, just search for the MAE logo on the Maybank MY mobile app screen and tap on it.

Although MAE is sharing the same mobile app with Maybank e-banking, you need to switch into the MAE function in order to transfer money from your Maybank savings / current account to your MAE e-wallet, or to transfer money out from your MAE e-wallet to your Maybank savings / current account.

You can also use your MAE e-wallet to make payment to your Maybank credit card, housing loan, car loan, etc.

On the MAE main screen, just swipe down to transfer money from your Maybank account to your MAE e-wallet, or swipe up to transfer money out of MAE.

After swiping down, just select "Top Up Wallet" to transfer money from your Maybank account to MAE e-wallet.

After swiping up, select "Send Money" to transfer money from your MAE e-wallet to your Maybank account.

Note that the money sitting in your MAE e-wallet does not produce any interest for you. Therefore, it is advisable to transfer all the money in your MAE to your savings account to earn interest if you have no plan to use it within short period of time.

After you have reached the Send Money screen, select "Transfer to a bank account" to make the fund transfer to your Maybank account.

Then, select "Transfer to Own Account/Card/Loan" and follow the subsequent steps to complete the money transfer process.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Touch n Go 100% toll rebates and free personal accident coverage promo

Touch n Go has been pretty aggressive in promoting their eWallet mobile app since the inception of this eWallet.

In this latest campaign, Touch n Go is giving multiple times of 100% toll rebates to their eWallet users. In order to get this 100% toll rebates, you need to be either:

  • A new TNG eWallet user who registered using a referral code (3 times 100% toll rebate)
  • A TNG eWallet user who first time activates the PayDirect function in the eWallet (3 times 100% toll rebate)
  • An existing user who refers new users to use the TNG eWallet (3 times 100% toll rebate for each successful referral)
If you haven't used the Touch n Go mobile app before, you can click here to download and install the Touch n Go eWallet into your smartphone.

You can enjoy the 3 times 100% toll rebates if you register your Touch n Go eWallet account with this Referral Code: m4sxxm

After you have successfully registered your Touch n Go eWallet account, you can start to earn more 100% toll rebates by referring other new users to use the eWallet.

Your unique referral code can be found by tapping on your circle icon at the top-right corner of the main screen of the TNG eWallet app, then tap on Share & Earn Rewards in the next screen.

Tap on the Share Now button to share your unique referral code using either one of QR code, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, SMS or Email.

You can use your smartphone to scan the above QR code to install the TNG eWallet app.

To activate the PayDirect function, you need to have either a MyKAD with Touch n Go function, or physical Touch n Go card(s).

Tap on the PayDirect icon in the Services section of the TNG eWallet main screen, then tap on the View TNG Card button and then the Add A New Card button on next screen to add your card(s) to PayDirect.

You will need to key-in the 10-digit Card Serial No. to add the card to PayDirect function. For MyKAD, you can load some money into its Touch n Go function and obtain the Reload Receipt. The 10-digit MFG / Serial No. is printed on the Reload Receipt.

PayDirect is a function whereby you use your physical card to pass through a participating toll, and the toll fee will be deducted from your eWallet instead of the card itself. If you have 100% toll rebate, the toll fee will be refund into your eWallet.

If you have used Touch n Go PayDirect or RFID tag to pass though a toll, you will get free Personal Accident coverage (worth RM10,000) until 31 December 2019 underwritten by Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad. You can contact with Allianz General insurance for enquiry or claim of this free PA coverage.

If you are entitled for this free Personal Accident coverage, you will receive an email from TNG Digital with the content as below:

Note that the 100% toll rebates promotion period for new eWallet account referrals is until 31 December 2019.

The 100% toll rebates promotion period for PayDirect activation is until 31 October 2019.

In order to get the free PA entitlement, you need to pass a toll using PayDirect or RFID tag before 31 October 2019.

Reference from Touch n Go website.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

TGV cinema Monday RM8 tickets and up to 50% off with Maybank promotion

From now until 31 January 2020, you can buy movie tickets in TGV cinemas Malaysia with big discount by using either one of Maybank Malaysia credit cards (Visa / Mastercard / AMEX), debit cards, charge cards and prepaid cards.

The offers are as below:

Standard Hall and Deluxe Hall movies:
  • RM8 on every Monday.
  • 50% off on every Saturday.
  • Promotion is applicable for twin seats (considered as 2 seats).
IMAX 2D movies:
  • RM20 on every Sunday to Friday.
  • 50% off on every Saturday.
  • Promotion is applicable for twin seats (considered as 2 seats).
IMAX 3D movies with glasses:
  • RM24 on every Sunday to Friday.
  • 50% off on every Saturday, but not applicable to the price of 3D glasses.
  • Promotion is applicable for twin seats (considered as 2 seats).
INDULGE movie tickets:
  • RM35 on every Monday to Friday.
  • RM45 on every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Promotion is applicable for twin seats (considered as 2 seats).
  • Discount is applicable to movie tickets only, and not applicable to purchase of F&B items.
Candy Bar and F&B counters:
  • 30% off total bill on every Monday to Friday before 6pm.
  • RM28 all-day-long for Super Saver Combo set.
Chill*X and Indulge dining:
  • 20% off total bill for F&B items excluding alcoholic beverages.

This promotion is valid for movie tickets purchase at TGV ticketing counter, online app and web, but except for Kiosk.

This promotion is best to be used with Maybank FC Barcelona VISA Signature credit card, which will give you 2% cash rebate on your spending all-year-long except May and August, and 10% cash rebate on your spending during the month of May and August.

Reference from TGV official website and also Maybank official website.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

TGV cinema RM10 movie ticket all year long with Touch n Go eWallet

From 1 September 2019 until 1 September 2020 all year long, if you use Touch n Go eWallet to buy movie ticket(s) over the counter at any of the TGV cinemas in Malaysia, you can get your movie ticket(s) at the price of RM10 per ticket all-day-long, any movie, any time, daily.

If you haven't installed Touch n Go eWallet in your smartphone, you can click here to download and install it for free. You can enjoy 3 times of 100% toll rebates if you register your Touch n Go eWallet account with this Referral Code: m4sxxm

It is not necessary to have any Touch n Go card to use this eWallet. In case you have the card, you can link it to your eWallet with the app and acticate the PayDirect function to deduct money from your eWallet instead of your card balance when you touch your card at participating toll. By using PayDirect to pay toll, you will be automatically covered by free RM10,000 Personal Accident Coverage.

This TGV promotion is applicable for TGV Classic / Deluxe seats, in Standard / Deluxe hall. It is also applicable for Twin seats at the price of RM10 x 2 = RM20 only.

This promotion is limited to purchase of up to 2 movie tickets per transaction at the TGV ticket counter using Touch n Go eWallet as payment method. The grey area is: there is no limit on the number of transactions of movie purchase in the same day. Therefore, it is possible to purchase multiple tickets at the price of RM10, by multiple transactions at the same ticket counter.

Note that this promotion is valid for normal movies, but not valid for Special Screenings, Concerts and Events at the cinema.

Besides, there is also an RM25 promotion every Tuesday at TGV cinemas nationwide for purchase of 2 movie tickets and  1 Regular Popcorn Combo consist of 1 popcorn and 1 cup of drink.

Reference from TGV official website.

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

WhatsApp tips: how to make the message text become bold, italics, strike through and/or monospace

Feeling bored with the plain WhatsApp text and want to make it livelier with bold, italics, strike through and/or monospace?

In fact, this is a built-in feature inside WhatsApp.

To make bold effect, put an asterisk (*) at both side of the text that you want to bold.

The make italics effect, put an underscore (_) at both side of the text that you want to italics.

The make strike through effect, put a tilde  (~) at both side of the text that you want to strike through.

These formatting effect is not only can be used for alphanumeric characters, but also can be used for Chinese characters as well.

You can also combine the effects onto the same text, such as bold and italics.

There is another formatting which change the text's font into monospace. But the effect is not so obvious, and it has no effect on Chinese characters.

To change the text into monospace font, put three backticks (`) at both side of the text.

It would be nice if WhatsApp can include the underline effect as well. But currently, I am unaware of any support from WhatsApp to underline its message text.

Friday, August 23, 2019

AirAsia BigPay e-wallet with prepaid Mastercard

BigPay is an e-wallet operated by AirAsia. It has a large stored-value capacity of up to RM10,000.

BigPay is especially beneficial to frequent travelers who fly with AirAsia flights. You can not only save money on your flight booking, and also save money when you spend in foreign currency.

You can also make use of the BigPay Mastercard to withdraw money from ATM machine overseas, so you need not to carry too much bank notes with you.

You can download the BigPay mobile app from Google Play Store and/or Apple iTune App Store.

One of the common problems faced by e-wallets is their acceptance coverage by merchant outlets, which takes a lot of time and effort to build up the network. If the e-wallet is not commonly accepted as payment method in most of the shops, it will in turn face difficulty in getting users to use it. This is a chicken and egg problem.

BigPay smartly overcome this problem by partnering with Mastercard. Each BigPay account will be issued with a Mastercard prepaid card, which linked with the BigPay e-wallet, and can be used in all credit card terminals that accept Mastercard. In this way, BigPay leverages on the huge network of Mastercard and can be used in all of the shops that accept Mastercard payment. What a brilliant idea!

The BigPay Mastercard is a prepaid card which will deduct money from your BigPay e-wallet when you use it. It supports the traditional magnetic swipe (for use in overseas when the terminal only support this kind of card payment method), smart chip with 6-digit PIN for payment confirmation, and also PayPass contactless payment.

You can also make use of this BigPay Mastercard to withdraw money from your e-wallet at the ATM machine of partnering banks, both in Malaysia and overseas. Withdrawal of money from BigPay using local ATM will cost RM6.00 per transaction, and withdrawal from foreign ATM will cost RM10.00 per transaction or 2% of the withdrawal amount, whichever is higher.

The joining fee to become a BigPay member is RM20. Anyhow, this RM20 will be credited back into your e-wallet and made available for use. So, technically speaking, there is no cost to join BigPay. It just needs an initial loading of RM20 into your e-wallet.

Among the advantages of using BigPay are:
  • Option to use mobile app and QR code for payment, or to use the physical Mastercard.
  • Worldwide accepted and can be used at any terminal or online platform that accepts Mastercard.
  • No annual fee for both the e-wallet and the Mastercard.
  • No annual government SST as it is a prepaid card. All credit cards and debit cards issued in Malaysia are subject to SST annually.
  • Money can be withdrawn using ATM machine, locally and also internationally.
  • When making payment or cash withdrawal in foreign currency, there is no expensive surcharge to the currency conversion rate. The conversion rate is very close to the one published in
  • Collect AirAsia BIG Points when you spend with BigPay.
  • Reload your e-wallet with cash rebate credit cards and enjoy your cash rebate with those cards.
  • Earn referral reward of RM10 per new account activation using your unique referral code.
Note that the first time you use your physical BigPay Mastercard, you need to key-in your PIN at the terminal. After that, you can choose to use the contactless payment method without the need to enter your PIN.

Below is the product disclosure sheet of BigPay (click image to enlarge).

On top of the above advantages, as a BigPay member, you can also enjoy the following benefits when buying air tickets from AirAsia:
  • No processing fee. (AirAsia will charge processing fee if you pay with other brand of credit card or debit card)
  • RM2 discount per pre-booked item on flight baggage and food.
  • Early access to AirAsia deals, including the free air tickets offering.
  • Link your BigPay account with your AirAsia BIG Loyalty account to collect your BIG Points whenever you use BigPay, as well as easily check the amount of your BIG Points from within the BigPay mobile app.
To become a BigPay member and receive your free Mastercard, you need to install the BigPay mobile app into your smartphone.

Your phone number will be verified by the BigPay app using SMS. After the verification, you will need to provide your personal information.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to key-in IGR22QDU1C into the referral/promotion code column to get RM10 loaded into your e-wallet. If you missed this step on the above page, you will miss your opportunity to receive the RM10 from BigPay as welcome reward.

After that, you will need to take a photo of your identity card or passport, followed by a selfie photo of yourself. This procedure is a requirement from Malaysia government to all e-wallet issuers. You might have the similar experience if you have registered yourself to use other e-wallets in Malaysia. It is a bit tedious but is a strict requirement during the process to have an e-wallet.

You are also required to load RM20 into your BigPay e-wallet at the end of the process. This can be done by using online transfer from your bank account, debit card or credit card.

If you done the above process correctly, you will have RM30 (RM10 from referral code, RM20 from initial loading) inside your e-wallet by the time you receive your BigPay Mastercard by post.

Tips: if you have Touch n Go e-wallet, you can configure your Touch n Go e-wallet to be reloaded using this BigPay Mastercard.

With the BigPay mobile app, you can use it to:
  • Transfer money and receive money with your family and friends (who are other BigPay users).
  • Split bill with them.
  • Use QR code at merchant terminal for payment.
  • Check your AirAsia BIG Points.
  • Keep track on your e-wallet money usage with the built-in Analytics function.
  • (upcoming function) transfer money to local banks and also international banks.
  • Share out your BigPay referral code and receive RM10 from each of your successful referrals.
I also highly recommend you to also install the AirAsia BIG Loyalty mobile app from Google Play Store and/or Apple iTune App Store.

The AirAsia BIG Loyalty app enables you to manage your BIG Points and also allows you to redeem your points. You can also perform BIG Points exchange with other partnering loyalty programs here.

Tips: One way to earn AirAsia BIG Points without spending your money, and in a larger amount, is through CIMB AirAsia Savers account.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Astonish 750ml Premium Edition Orange Grove Multi-purpose Cleaner

I was introduced with this Astonish 750ml Premium Edition Orange Grove Multi-purpose Cleaner to remove grease and oil in kitchen area and anywhere throughout  the home, particularly on the surface of owen, hood, hob, fan blades, etc.


It is really effective and able to clean up the oily and dirty surface within seconds with the spray and wipe action.

At the cost of around RM26, it is considered reasonably priced.

In addition, this product also claimed to be environmental friendly and vegan society approved.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hush Puppies Apparel warehouse sale 2019 @ Puchong

Redina Malaysia Sdn Bhd located at Jalan TPK 2/3, Taman Perindustrian Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor is having the Hush Puppies Apparel warehouse sale now, offering discount as high as 80%!

As usual, they have put up a big red Hugh Puppies balloon on top of the air of the location for you to locate their direction when you are near to them. You will also see banners along the roadside of Bukit Jalil Highway (a.k.a. Puchong-Sungai Besi Highway or Federal Route 217).

This promotion started on 26 July 2019 and will end on 4 August 2019. The opening time is 10am - 7pm daily.

If you pay using your Public Bank credit card, you will immediately get an additional 5% discount for all the items in your receipt.

Items on sale are apparels for men, women, children and todders, which include Hush Puppies shirts, casualwears, pants, innerwears, underwears, socks, etc. There are also accessories, bags, luggage, stationeries, bed & bath, etc.

I found that there are less items on sale this round, compared with previous rounds of Hush Puppies apparel warehouse sale.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Broga Hill hiking

Broga Hill is a pretty famous hiking attraction nearby Kuala Lumpur. It is located in Semengih, at the border between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

It has a nice sunrise view, which you need to start your hiking latest by 6.30am in order to catch the sunrise timing. Since it is still dark when you start your trekking around that time, it is advisable to bring along a torch light. If you prefer to make use of your handphone LED light instead, make sure it is bright enough, and its battery is fully charged.

There are quite a lot of hikers there during weekends and public holidays. Parking is available in a palm oil plantation estate at the trek entrance, but the space is limited. If you are too late to arrive there, you might have difficulty finding a nice parking space. There will be people collecting parking fee from you, and they charge by number of headcounts in your car instead of per car basis. The rate is RM1.00 per person.

Not long after you walk on the trail, there will be another station with people collecting yet another RM1.00 per person from you as hiking fees. They also sell drinks and simple snacks to hikers, at a premium price compared with the price you can get in the shop in Semengih.

The trail is actually pretty wide and easy to walk. When we hiked up Broga Hill, there were days of raining before, so the trail is pretty muddy and a little bit slippery. Proper shoe for hiking is highly recommended to walk on this kind of trail condition.

There are 3 hill tops as viewpoints good for photo shooting. 3 of them are pretty close to each other. To reach the first hill top from the entrance, you will need about 45 minutes to an hour.

When you reached near to the first hill top, the slope is quite slant there, and you'll need to climb with the aid of rope already prepared for hikers there.

When you reached the hill top, enjoy the beautiful scene there.

After the third hill top, you can continue your trek to another viewpoint at Gunung Tok Wan, but the journey will easily take more than 2 hours to reach there. Most people set their endpoint at one of the Broga Hill hill tops, and there are also people who like to take the challenge to hike all the way up to Gunung Tok Wan.

After you walk down the hill and completed your hiking, there are some picnic plateau with tables and seats near the entrance for you to take your self-prepared breakfast. There is also a small children playground with some outdoor gymnasium facilities.

If you prefer to take your breakfast or lunch nearby, there are plenty of restaurants and food centers in the Broga Village located just about 1 kilometer away from Broga Hill.

At the end of the village, there is another famous attraction called Sak Dato Temple, which also attracted quite a lot of visitors during weekends and public holidays.

There are a number of hawkers and mobile stalls selling goods and foods near the entrance of the temple.

The temple is pretty large in area, with a nice botanical garden inside it. You can find statue of the 12 zodiac animals in the garden.

There is a place to spin for better prosperity and harmonious family in the temple which you should not miss it.

On top of a small hill next to the temple, you can find a very large statue of the Monkey King.

There is a nice suspension bridge connecting the temple to the hill, which you can walk over with it.

You can complete your day trip to Broga Hill, Broga Village and Sak Dato Temple, and returning to Kuala Lumpur right before dinner time. As such, hikers in Klang Valley can always plan for hiking up to Broga Hill as frequently as they like.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A family trip to Genting Highlands

It has been quite some times since my family last visited to Genting Highlands, and during the last school holiday we have visited it again to escape the heat.

On the way to Genting Highlands, we stopped by Batu Caves Temple.

Something new about this temple since our last visit is its colourful staircases, which apparently successful to attract more tourists to it.

The monkeys in Batu Caves are still around. They are, as usual, got used to the people around.

Driving uphill to Genting Highlands, I felt that the road is wider than before, and it is safer and easier to drive there.

We stayed at a new apartment called Geo 38 Residence, which has nice facilities including swimming pool, jacuzzi pool, fitness centre, sauna room, children playground, etc. all located at the same floor. The sauna room is not too big, and located inside the gents and women washrooms respectively, beside the swimming pool.

The main problem of this apartment is its location. It is hiding behind a new small township at mid-hill, at a lower ground than the Awana, which is quite some distance away from Genting Highlands at the hilltop and most of the visitor attractions uphill. You will need to travel by car to go anywhere out of the apartment, despite there is some food at the shops around within walking distance. If you stay in one of the hotels uphill in Genting Highlands, it will save you time, effort, petrol and parking fee to just walk around without the need of using a car.

If you are looking for vegetarian restaurant, there is one in Chin Swee Caves Temple, but crowded with people. There was a long queue outside, and the food waiting time exceed hours.

Genting Premium Outlets is a new attraction on top of Genting Highlands. There was a big crowd there. It was raining when we visited the place, and its top floor area is outdoor open concept, which has very limited shelter to the rain.

There is a food court in Genting Premium Outlets, which still using the troublesome temporary prepaid card method. We need to buy a prepaid card and load it with value, then use the card to buy food and drinks in the food court. Then, we need to return the card to get back the deposit money in it.

We visited the Happy Bee Farm, which is located quite near to Geo 38 Residence. After the visit, we found out that the road is one way. To return to the apartment, we need to go all the way down until we reached a roundabout, then only can go back uphill. This has tremendously lengthen the distance of travel.

We've also visited the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms.

The entrance fee is not cheap, but it is quite worth to go inside and take photos.

We discovered that the strawberry farm only forms a small portion of the entire area. Majority of the farm is planted with flowers - a lot of colourful, beautiful flowers.

Our stay in Genting Highlands this time is only for 2 days 1 night. Since it is a family trip, we didn't enter into the casino. Outside the casino, we found that the shopping mall is still familiar, and the indoor theme park is also quite familiar.

Friday, June 21, 2019

My Realme C2 budget phone with Color OS 6

Realme is a brand of OPPO. Realme C2 is a decent budget phone which you can get at the price of slightly below RM400.

Realme C2 is a successor of C1. I would say it is an alternative option of C1, which both of them are identical in terms of actual performance, which in some areas C2 is slightly better than C1 and some other C1 is slightly better than C2.

The 2 main differences are that C2 is using Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 (12 nm) chipset and running on Android 9 OS, while C1 is using Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450 (14 nm) chipset and running on Android 8.1 OS.

Its size of 6.1" is big enough to have a screen suitable for elderly people to use after the font size is configured to be the largest.

Although it is a budget phone, it has pretty well performance with just a little bit of speed lagging compared with those flagship phones for normal applications. Its back cover is pretty nice and modern looking too. Therefore, it is also very suitable for kids and for people that just need a decent phone.

The Realme C2 comes with 2 options of specification: one with 2GB RAM & 16GB storage, and another more expensive one with 3GB RAM & 32GB storage. Bear in mind that the actual usable storage for the 2/16GB option is only around 6GB. The other 10GB was already used by the system and OS. It has a dedicated slot for microSD and supports external storage up to 256GB.

This phone only supports 2.4GHz WiFi and does not support 5GHz WiFi. However, it does support dual SIM 4G LTE.

It has a normal 13MP f/2.2 main camera working together with a 2MP f/2.4 camera for depth sensor. At its front is a 5MP f/2.0 camera, not a good option for people who loves selfie, but still usable.

Its Color OS 6 has a Control Center with big icons, provides convenient and easy access particularly to elderly people.

Color OS 6 also comes with  the Android App Drawer, which you have a choice to switch it on or off.

It's home screen has a handy smart sidebar for quick access to your favourite apps, which you can access by swiping from the side of the screen. The apps listing in the sidebar is configurable. You are also given the option to switch it off if you don't want to use it.

The phone has all the essential features in Android 9. It has quite a number of security related functions.

The anti-harassment/fraud function is actually the call and/or SMS blocking function. It has interesting features such as blocking of one-ring incoming calls, which you might not find in other phones.

The Realme C2 4,000 mAh Li-Po battery can last for more than 1 day for normal use.

One thing I dislike is its battery saving feature, which I think is too over. It always kill a lot of background running processes and apps, which might stop automation app and widgets from working after a while.

A lot of tweaking needs to be done to find the way to let the automation app and widgets continue working at normal even when the phone is in sleep. Smart Power Saver will always kill them off. You need to use Custom Power Consumption Protection option, and manually configure each of the apps for them to be able to continue running in background, and to automatically start when the phone starts.

All in all, this is a nice phone with high performance/cost ratio. Most apps (including the not so resource demanding games) can run pretty well on it, also I found Facebook is quite slow (takes a few seconds) in launching up in it.

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