Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Laptop connecting to Internet via Bluetooth to P1i smart phone with Celcom 3G/GPRS

Happy Chinese New Year!

I am away from home during this period and would not be able to access Internet using my home's Streamyx ADSL.

Anyhow, I managed to setup my laptop connecting to Internet via Bluetooth to my Sony Ericsson P1i smart phone with Celcom 3G networking service.

I'll show you how.


  • You have installed PC Suite for Sony Ericsson in your laptop. If you use Nokia or other brand, you should install the PC Suite for your smart phone as well.
  • You are a Celcom mobile user. If you are using Maxis or Digi or other mobile service, the setting could be similar but not exactly the same.
  • You have a 3G phone with a 3G SIM card. Probably a non-3G phone with GPRS is also OK. The phone must support Internet routing function.
  • I think connecting the laptop to your phone using USB cable is a better way. Since I forgot to bring along the USB cable, I have to connect using Bluetooth, which is another workable way.
Unless you are subscribed to a Celcom monthly unlimited broadband service which the current lowest cost is RM38/month, it is advisable to subscribe to Celcom daily unlimited broadband service at the cost of RM6/day, else the Celcom pay-per-use 3G/GPRS data charge will be expensive at the rate of RM0.10/10kb.

For existing Celcom mobile user, to subscribe to Celcom daily unlimited broadband service, you just need to send an SMS with content "Broadband Daily" to 28882. Then, wait for the following confirmation SMS.

To confirm the subscription, reply the SMS with "Broadband Yes". You will receive another notification SMS if your subcription is successful.

With Celcom daily unlimited broadband service, you can now access the Internet for 24 hours at a fix rate of RM6 only, regardless of the usage.

Then, you need to pair up the Bluetooth connection between your laptop and your smart phone.

After that, run the PC Suite for Sony Ericsson in your laptop. Then, click on the "Mobile Networking Wizard" icon in PC Suite for Sony Ericsson to launch the wizard.

Then, click the "New Connection..." button in the Mobile Networking Wizard. Select Packet Switched Data (GPRS/3G) and click Next. Follow the instructions and you should be able to create a new dial-up connection in your laptop.

Once setup, you can find this dial-up connection in the Windows' Start > Connect To listing. In future, you can connect to internet via your smart phone using Bluetooth with this link and need not go through the Mobile Networking Wizard again.

Although the Internet speed of this kind of Internet connection via Bluetooth to smart phone is at 115.2Kbps only, it is much better than the 56Kbps modem dial-up Internet.

If you are still unable to access to the Internet using 3G/GPRS service, and you have access to a normal telephone line with Telekom homeline service, and your laptop has a built-in modem, you can plug the telephone line into your laptop RJ11 jack, and dial to 1315 (no username nor password required) to get a 56Kbps dial-up Internet, which is pretty slow, especially when accessing https secured websites. The charge for this EZNet 1315 dial-up Internet is 4 sen per minute or RM2.40 per hour.


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