Monday, June 3, 2013

Download and read the complete HTC One User Guide

HTC One comes with a small printed Quick Guide, which is definitely not sufficient enough for new user to learn about the phone features and get the best of the phone.

There are 2 ways for HTC One user to learn more and get the best of the phone:

  • Tips & Help - it is in your phone inside Settings > About > Help > Tips & Help. There, you will find some video tips as well as detail how-tos about the phone's features and apps. The Tips & Help content is updated from the Internet.
  • User Guide in PDF format - this 179 pages User Guide is available in the Internet. Click here to download the HTC One User Guide.
Among the tips are:
  • The function of 2-finger swipe and 3-finger gesture.
  • Double-tap Home button to see recently opened apps.
  • Removing an app from Recently Opened Apps list by dragging it up.
  • Capturing the screen by pressing both the Power and Home buttons together.
  • Using the Trace keyboard
  • Optimizing battery life
  • ... and many more


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