Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ten questions you should ask during a job interview

The following is an inspiring list of 10 questions that job interviewee should ask during the interview session.

    1. How will this position change after I’ve been here a while?
    2. If this is not a new position where has the prior person gone? Did they get promoted or leave? How stable is the group that I am being hired for?
    3. How will you use my skills if the activity I am being hired for is stalled or something unexpected arises?
    4. What is the career path for this position? — to jobs with more responsibility? Management posts? Positions that require specific technical expertise?
    5. What is the project/product road-map for the next one to three years?
    6. What kind of training and support for ongoing education does the organization offer?
    7. Is there an open door policy to communicate with upper management levels within he organization?
    8. How will my role contribute to the overall mission of the company?
    9. What outcomes will you use to measure those contributions? What metrics will be in place to measure personal and team performance?
    10. Will I have opportunities to work directly with the line organization outside of my group?

Source: the blog of Janco Associates.


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