Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Warning! Touch n Go cards must be used at least once per year, or you will lose money!

Perhaps not many people aware that their Touch n Go card, if stayed unused for 12 months consecutively, will be deactivated and suspended into dormant state.

The dormant card cannot be used anymore, and your money balance in the card will be locked and rendered unusable, until you get Touch n Go to reactivate the card.

There is an admin fee of RM5 plus GST (total: RM5.30) to reactivate the dormant Touch n Go card.

If you continue to keep the card staying inactive, they will still charge you RM5 plus GST (total: RM5.30) of maintenance fee in every 6 months interval. The maintenance fee will be deducted from the balance in the dormant card, until it reached zero. Then, it becomes a junk plastic card.

In addition, every Touch n Go card has a lifespan of 10 years only, and the expiry date is printed behind the card.

Upon expiry, you can buy a new card and transfer your balance from your expired card into your new card. There is an admin fee of RM5 plus GST (total: RM5.30) for Touch n Go balance transfer too.

Today, there are several highways in Klang Valley that no longer receive cash as toll payment and made compulsory to pay with Touch n Go.

If you are staying outside Klang Valley and were forced to buy a Touch n Go card just to pay the toll during your visit to KL once in a blue moon, you are likely to be affected by this.

According to Touch n Go, you can avoid this situation by using the Touch n Go function in your MyKad instead of purchasing the standalone Touch n Go card. Your MyKad will not become dormant even if you don't use it as Touch n Go card for more than 1 year.


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