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My Cashido 10 second ozone anti-bacterial water-treatment machine

Ozone has been used over the past 150++ years for water treatment since its discovery by a German-Swiss chemist called Christian Friedrich Schönbein.

A brief history of ozone usage in water treatment is as below:

  • 1886: The ability of ozone to disinfect polluted water is recognized in Europe.
  • 1891: Test results from Germany show that ozone is effective against bacteria.
  • 1893: The Netherlands started to use ozone in large scale as disinfectant in drinking water.
  • 1906: France city Nice commissioned first municipal ozone plant for drinking water.
  • 1909: Ozone is used as a food preservative for cold storage of meats.
  • 1915: Ozone is widely used in Europe with at least 49 major installations throughout the region.
  • 1939: Ozone is found to be able to prevent the growth of yeast and mold during the storage of fruits.
  • 1965: Scotland employs ozone for colour control in surface water.
  • 1970: French exploited the use of ozone in algae control.
Today, Ozone is known to be a very strong oxidizing reagent which able to effectively:
  • Kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Remove 75% of pesticides.
  • Remove bad smell (such as fish-smell, smoke odour, etc.)
  • Remove colour formed by organic compound.
  • Keep food fresh.
  • Settle down heavy metals in water for easier filtration.
Its effectiveness is well supported by academic researches. To name a few of them:


However, Ozone in gas form, when inhaled into our lung, is harmful to human health. The following bodies have specified the safety level of maximum concentration of ozone permissible in occupied space:
  • FDA: 0.05 ppm
  • ASHRAE: 0.05 ppm
  • EPA: 0.08 ppm
  • OSHA: 0.10 ppm
My Cashido 10 second ozone anti-bacterial water-treatment machine is an electronic device that can generate ozone almost instantly and mix it with normal tap water to form ozonized water. Its operation is claimed to release less than 0.01 ppm ozone into the air, which is well controlled below the permissible level.

The ozone gas generated is directly transmitted via a soft silica tube to its ozone mixer installed at the water outlet of faucet. Therefore, very minimal amount of ozone gas is released into the air during its operation.

This machine has additional safety measures to prevent excessive ozone from being released into the air:
  • It only start producing ozone when it has detected water flow at the faucet. It will immediately stop working once the water flow stopped, or it detected the water is just dripping instead of flowing.
  • It will auto cut-off itself after 10 minutes of continuous operation, even if the water is still flowing.
  • It has 2 LEDs. The red LED will turn on when it is connected with electric power, even when it is in standby mode. The blue LED will turn on whenever it is generating ozone to be mixed with the water, and will turn off when no ozone is generated.
With the ozone in the ozonized water made by this machine, we can use the water to:
  • Wash our hands, face, legs and other body parts. (The machine can be installed for shower too)
  • Rinse our mouth and teeth.
  • Bath our pet(s).
  • Wash fruits, vegetables and meats (before refrigerator storage and/or before cooking).
  • Wash kitchen utensil, cups, bottles, baby products, toys, clothes, etc.
  • Clean the floor, table, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.
  • Sanitize dentures, contact lens, etc.
  • Wash and sanitize pimples, surface wound, insect bites, etc.
This Cashido machine is called 10 second machine because the generated ozonized water only needs as short as 10 seconds to complete its function to oxidize, disinfect, deodourize and decompose pesticides & harmful materials of the target object you are washing or cleaning with it. If the contact is less than 10 seconds, then the washing/cleaning is considered partial, with some left out remains untreated.

Note that the ozone in the water has a short half-life of 20 minutes and will eventually disappear from the water (released as oxygen), leaving no residue in the water.

Therefore, ozonized water cannot be stored as it will soon lost its effect in disinfection of bacteria and viruses, pesticides removal, bad smell removal, etc. due to its short half-life period. It needs to be generated on the spot when use.

With this Cashido 10 second ozone anti-bacterial water-treatment machine, we can expect a more hygiene living environment, healthier & fresher food, and better health (by eliminating as well as preventing bad breath, body odour, Athlete's foot, skin problems, etc.).


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