Friday, January 11, 2019

Benefits of Honda Insurance Plus (HIP) package compared with other insurers

Malaysia Honda car owners have the option to renew their car insurance with authorized Honda dealer under Honda Insurance Plus (HIP) package , or to renew it themselves with general insurance company.

The price of HIP is generally higher than other insurers. In addition, most general insurance company will give a 10% discount if you renew your car insurance with them online, using their website without going through any insurance agent.

Anyhow, below are the benefits of HIP compared with other insurers:

Underwriting Terms:

No excess clause up to 10 years. The insurance policy covers 100% of the cost of any accident repair to your Honda car.

Other insurers may impose excess or even decline based on age of vehicle, vehicle model, age of insured and/or claims history.

Agreed Value:

100% sum insured up to 10 years. The sum insured is based on purchase price for 1st year, and subsequently based on recommended Insurance Service Malaysia (ISM) valuation price.

100% pay-out for theft or total loss.

Other insurers' agreed value might be unconditional based on market value.

Betterment Charges:

HIP betterment charges for old car repairs up to 10 years:
  • 1st to 10th year = 0%
Other insurers betterment charges for old car repairs:
  • 1st to 4th year = 0%
  • 5th year = 15%
  • 6th year = 20%
  • 7th year = 25%
  • 8th year = 30%
  • 9th year = 35%
  • 10th year and above = 40%

Body & Parts Replacements:

Honda genuine body and parts replacements with 6 months warranty or 10,000km service warranty.

Road Assistance:

Round-trip free towing service up to 450km. Free labour for roadside repair service up to RM200 per event.

HIP 24/7 emergency assistance contact: 1800-18-1177.

Free towing service and/or roadside repair service varies among other insurers. Some may not be available.

Claim Approval:

Speedy claim approval for value under RM20,000 for the vehicle repaired at Honda Authorized Body & Paint Centre.

Other insurers follow standard claim procedure which may take up longer time.

Other Services:
  • One stop centre
  • Road tax renewal
  • NCD withdrawal
  • Policy cancellation to transfer NCD
  • Issue cover note for change of engine / chasis / vehicle number
  • Assist in issue cover note for the extension of period of cover
  • Advice on the insurance rules & regulations
Which the insured might need to carry out the tasks by themselves if insured with other insurers.

However, HIP policy excludes the following:
  • Own death or bodily injury
  • Liability against claim from your passengers
  • Theft of non-factory fitted vehicle accessories unless otherwise declared
  • Consequential losses, depreciation, wear & tear, mechanical or technical breakdown failures
  • Loss/damage arising from an act of nature
Also, when your vehicle is driven by an unnamed driver or a person who is under the age of 21 or a holder of a Provisional/Probation Driving License, the compulsory excess of RM400 is applicable in the event of claim.


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