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Procedures for the approval for house extensions and/or renovations

The following serves as a useful FAQ that you should know as a house/building owner who plan to extend and/or renovate your house/building in Malaysia.

What is meant by building extensions / renovations?

  • Any demolition work to the original building
  • Any extension work to the original building (enlarging floor area)
  • Any renovation work to internal building layout
  • Construction of car porch, fencing wall and refuse chamber
  • Any other extension / renovation as prescribed in Act 133, Road, Drainage, and Building Act 1974, and Building By-Laws 1984

Steps to be taken by home owner for submission of extensions / renovations application:

  • Obtain letter of consent from neighbours should extension / renovation work involving housefront bordering neighbour's house
  • Appoint an architect or a registered draughtsman for preparation of building plans
  • Appoint professionals should extension / renovation work involving concrete structures
  • Obtain Development Order approval from municipal council should the extension work exceed 50% of the original floor area
  • Ensure the proposed extension / renovation work comply with the Building Guidelines & Standards
  • Ensure construction work commence only after proposed extension / renovation application has been approved

Documents in submitting application for building extension / renovation:

  • Form A
  • 4 complete copies of the building plan
  • 1 copy of the most recent income tax returns
  • 1 copy of the Certificate of Fitness
  • 1 copy of the Title Deed or the Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • Consent letter from neighbouring residents (if applicable)
  • 1 copy of the structure plan and structure measurement from a certified consultant engineer (if applicable, or purchase the Standard Plan from Department of Building)

Examples of standard plan available:

  • Back extension
  • Front awning extension
  • Building of gazebos
  • Concrete fence
  • Air-well
  • Store and fish pond

Processing fees for plan submission:

  • RM500 for extensions / renovations that involve the lower level / storey
  • RM1000 for extensions / renovations that involve the lower and upper level / storey

Steps to be taken by home owner after extensions / renovations approval:

  • Apply for permit to place building materials on the road shoulders prior to commencement of renovation work.
  • Contact Alam Flora for collection of debris of building materials before construction begins.
  • Display Letter of Approval of the extension / renovation application during construction work.
  • Ensure construction works is carried out within own boundary and adhere to the approved extension / renovation plan.
  • Notify construction stages to municipal council by submitting the relevant forms.


Feisan said... Reply To This Comment

Greetings to the writer of this article.
First and foremost, thank you for the enriching information above which I'm sure have saved many of us alot of hassle.
I'm currently doing a research which has relevance on house renovations, or rather extension to be precise.
May I please ask of you, for any act or guideline set by the authority on the requirement of obtaining neighbour's consent.
Your reply and thus assistance would be very much valued.
Thank you for the amazing article above.
Hope to receive your reply soon :)

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


It depends on the state and local authority.

If your renovation will affect your neighbour, for example, replace the shared fence of your terrace house perimeter with brick fence, it is a courtesy to get neighbour's consent.

Aeroheads said... Reply To This Comment

MBSJ seems to think Neighbour consent is not that so?thks

ben ngan said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, i am living around in Cheras and recently an opposite neighbour asked me about an extension been done by his father few years back to his house without applying permits or any approvals from authorities. Single storey house and extended back of house 5ft. out. His is asking if they were to apply now with the authorities, what are the steps to follow and will he be fined and if yes, what is the figure he looking at. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.

难得糊涂的马骝仔 said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for every information given.
But what if im just doing minor reno works which like rebuild the carporch as per previous design?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Your contractor should have enough experience to determine. Ask them.

Lee Jun Wei said... Reply To This Comment

Hello, I'm having problem with the house plan for renovation. the plan is settle by architect to settle the plan until approved by MBSA. But it have been more than 1 years the plan is not approve. How can i check more make a report on this matter?

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