Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fortinet outlined top 9 security trend predictions in 2009

Unified Threat Management provider and security appliance vendor Fortinet has outlined the Top 9 Security Trend Predictions in 2009 with the aim to help companies safeguard their networks by mounting a multi-layered, multi-vectored and comprehensive defense strategy.

They are:

  • More bang for the buck (security consolidation and integration)
  • Information security lockdown (database security)
  • Web 2.0 vulnerabilities multiply (corporate information leakage prevention)
  • Bigger pipes, faster speed: Letting in the good, bad and ugly (integrity of high-speed networks)
  • The next biggest threat to mobile security: 3G (virus infections and attacks to mobile devices)
  • More cash to flow in the digital underground (hacking for living)
  • Let the games begin (Trojans residing in online games)
  • Premeditated, targeted attacks on the rise (custom malware and scareware)
  • Law enforcement unite online

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