Sunday, April 5, 2009

Silicone wiper with lifetime warranty

The boneless rubber wipers that I last bought have already served me for about 20 months now. Although they are still usable, I noticed that the rubber colour has faded over time. Therefore, I decided to replace them with silicone wipers, which are about the same price of my boneless rubber wipers.

I have selected silicone wipers this time, as silicone material (made of silicon-oxygen polymer) is known to be very durable and will not degrade from prolonged exposure to sunlight, UV, ozone, washer fluid, road residue, chemicals, etc. (Some people or even vendors called this kind of wiper as "silicon wiper", but I think the correct term should be "silicone wiper" instead.)

I ordered the SWV silicone wipers through their website. This brand has been around for years, and the wipers are said to be imported from USA and manufactured by the same manufacturer of SilBlade.

The price can be calculated online by providing the make and model of my car. After making my order with their online form, they called me 2 days after to arrange for delivery and installation. The payment term is cash on delivery (COD), and to my surprise, no deposit is needed before delivery.

They sent a guy to deliver and install the wipers to me at the location chosen by me. I was also given a Lifetime Warranty Card, and they'll provide onsite support for the wipers. The wipers can wipe really clean, and I am happy with them.

My boneless rubber wipers are now kept in my storeroom as they are still usable. Perhaps will give them to friend who want to try out boneless wipers.


Vivien said... Reply To This Comment

cool, the price reasonable too

Everything Malaysia said... Reply To This Comment

I categorize under Personal. :)

I added your blog to Everything Malaysia. Wish can help to increase traffic among the blog !

Silicone Keypads said... Reply To This Comment

Yes, the correct term is silicone. I also have silicone wipers for a few months now and I`m more than pleased with them. Overall silicone is more than excellent material and durable above any expectations.

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