Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MSWG Seminar on Privatization & Take-Over Matters

The corporate scene has witnessed a spate of privatization and take-over exercises carried out particularly over the last one year. Launching of privatizations or take-overs seem to be the trend, and many are amazed or baffled with such news reported with increasing frequency.
Against this backdrop, the compelling and burning questions ringing in the minds of many is why the increasing need to privatize and exit from the public domain and particularly more important to minority shareholders or the non-interested shareholders is whether the price offered to them is fair and reasonable.

As a result, the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group (MSWG) is organizing a seminar themed "Privatization & Take-Over Matters",  to be held at MSWG Training Centre on 25 March 2014.

MSWG aims to look for a particular outcome from each of the current privatization or take-over bids in question to curb what is seen as short-term motivations, delivering a target listed issuer easily into the hands of the bidders.

The seminar will discuss and look at various matters and issues pertaining to privatization and take-over bids, including:
  • Factors leading a listed company to consider a privatization or a take-over bids
  • Review of legislations and regulatory rules governing privatization of listed companies
  • Role of various parties and relationships in a privatization or a take-over bids
  • Privatization or take-over implications: Voluntary general offer vs mandatory general offer scheme of arrangement (SOA), selective capital reduction/repayment, assets & liabilities acquisition, offerors and parties in concert
  • Practical issues, and useful tips, Qs and As on case studies in question
The fee for this seminar is RM80 per seat.

Click here for more information and Registration Form of this MSWG Seminar on Privatization & Take-Over Matters.


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