Monday, April 6, 2015

Comparison table for Samsung UHD, Smart, LED and Plasma TVs

Samsung produces quite a lot of flat panel TV models, which can be categorized as the 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 series.

Normally, the higher the number, the more features, the better in visual and audio quality, and the higher in price too.

It is still quite difficult to compare among them, without putting them together in a same table for side-by-side comparison.

Well, I found the table below (click it to enlarge) in a booklet published by Samsung called 2014 TV Collection. Perhaps the 2015 edition will be available later in the year.

This table does not provide the full set of feature comparison, but better than none.

For normal consumer, we would probably look into whether the TV model has the following or not:
  • 3D movie support
  • Resolution (HD = 1280x720, full HD 1080p = 1920x1080, 4k UHD = 3840x2160)
  • Screen panel (normal or Ultra Clear)
  • Number of built-in HDMI ports
  • Number of USB ports
  • Built-in wireless LAN support
  • Multi-link screen (screen can split into 2: one side is the TV, another side is web browsing or app. Some models can split into 4.)
  • Sound output (standard = 2x10W, enhanced = 2x10W + woofer)
  • Dynamic dimming technology
  • Flat panel or curved panel
  • Instant on (need very short time to turn on)
  • Soccer mode
  • Voice control
  • Built-in camera and motion control
  • Smart Evolution / future ready (can be upgraded by attaching an Evolution Kit)
I think the 7000 series is a good balance between features and price.


H@rry said... Reply To This Comment

Hi 8th Voyager,

谢谢你那天这么真诚的comment,我不小心把你的comment delete掉了。我在这里跟你抱歉,因为预测未来走势难度比较大。所以我现在都是从过去的数据中找出一些蛛丝马迹,过后再跟未来短期内的走势联合,找出我自己觉得有潜能的好股。不过比所说的是我慢慢在学着的方向,真的很感谢你的留言。


Kino said... Reply To This Comment

I still prefer xiaomi TV. good and cheap.

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