Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Visualized map of real-time air quality index and forecast of air pollution level

It has been for quite some times the haze resulting from huge forest fires in Indonesia has created a cloud of smog over itself and the neighbouring Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and southern Thailand.

Here is a website that gather official data of air quality index (AQI) or air pollution index (API) from all around the world, and publish the information in a visualized map and charts. Its URL is: http://aqicn.org/map/

From the website, you can immediately know the current and also forecasted air quality level of a country, region or city.

The URL for Malaysia AQI map is:

(Screen captured on 15 September 2015)

The URL for Singapore AQI map is:
(Screen captured on 15 September 2015)

The URL for Kuala Lumpur AQI map and chart is:
(Screen captured on 15 September 2015)

Colour indicators in the map and chart:
  • Green = healthy
  • Yellow = moderately unhealthy
  • Orange = unhealthy
  • Red = very unhealthy
  • Purple = extremely unhealthy


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