Friday, September 19, 2008

10 questions to assess your job satisfaction

Are you happy in your job? How satisfied are you with your career? Do you agree that employees are happiest and most satisfied when they consider themselves fully engaged in their roles in the company?

Well, what could be making you to have such a good feeling? The 10 questions below can help you to perform a career audit and assess your job satisfaction. Ask yourself:

  • Is the company capitalizing on my special talents?
  • Does my supervisor have my best interests at heart?
  • In the past six months, has my supervisor honestly evaluated my performance?
  • Am I receiving challenging assignments at work to help me grow professionally?
  • Do I have a mentor guiding me as I move up through the organization?
  • Do I have friends at work in whom I can confide?
  • Is there a career track to get me where I want to be in five years?
  • Does my work give me a sense of higher purpose?
  • Are my coworkers trustworthy and committed to excellence?
  • Am I receiving the training I need to do my job well?

If you are an employee, the assessment above will help you in clarifying your career prospect and worthiness; If you are an employer or a human resource personnel, the assessment above can give you some clue in improving employee's relationship and hopefully reduce turnover rate; If you are a job seeker, don't be shy off to find out the answers from your potential employer.

If most of your answers to the above questions are "no" but you are still staying with your company, perhaps you are one of those not-so-happy employees who hang around mainly because of the 11th point: remuneration.

(Source of the above 10 questions are from Allyhunt, an executive sourcing company in Malaysia)


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