Wednesday, September 17, 2008

EIU published IT competitiveness benchmarking report 2008

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU, a leading research and advisory firm under The Economist Group that publishes various famous business publications such as The Economist, CFO, etc.) has just published a white paper namely "How technology sectors grow: Benchmarking IT industrycompetitiveness 2008" sponsored by the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

To produce the report, they have performed in-depth studies and ranked 66 countries based on the following 6 categories with a number of indicators in each of them:

  1. Business environment for the IT industry
  2. IT infrastructure
  3. Human capital
  4. Legal environment
  5. R&D environment
  6. Government support for IT industry development

Compared with the same studies done last year, here are some of their findings:

  • Taiwan has risen from 6th to 2nd in the overall index based primarily on its strong performance in the R&D environment category, and particularly in patents.

  • Japan has suffered the steepest dropamong the index countries—from 2nd to12th—also largely due to changes in its R&Dand patents scores.

  • South Korea also fell from 3rd to 8th affected by patents scores.

  • Canada has risen from 9th to 6th placethanks mainly to improved performance inthe area of human capital development.

  • Israel has advanced from 20th to 16ththis year thanks to stronger scores in IT infrastructure and in the area of governmentsupport for the IT industry.

  • Germany has fallen from 16th to 19th place due primarily to the change in measuring patents, as well as toslower growth of R&D funding.

Three Asian economies have made it to the Top 10. They are Taiwan (no. 2, just trailing the champion US), South Korea (no. 8) and Singapore (no. 9). Malaysia ranked no. 36 overall (same position as in 2007), and ranked no.8 among the 17 economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Click here to read the full report of "How technology sectors grow: Benchmarking IT industrycompetitiveness 2008".


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