Thursday, July 30, 2009

Remove your contact info from the TM Directory service

TM has set tomorrow (31 July 2009) as the last day to submit a form to remove your contact info from the TM Directory service free of charge. If you don't submit the form, your name, address(es) and fixed telephone number(s) will be exposed to the public in TM Directory service, including the TM White Pages Directory and the 103 directory assistance service.

Before this exercise, TM used to charge for a fee to customers who wanted to remove their contact info from the TM Directory service. There is no indication from TM whether they will resume the charges for the forms submitted after 31 July 2009.

You can click here to download the TM X Directory Confirmation Form, which you need to unzip the downloaded archieve file, open it with, fill it up and output the completed form as PDF file (or open with Microsoft Word, fill it up, and use a 3rd party PDF converter to convert the completed form to PDF), then email to for submission.

Click here to read the respective news release from TM.


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