Monday, October 19, 2009

2LoveMyLips detector kit helps protect gals from drink spiking date rape

Gals, you have started your dating night looking gorgeous dressed, but you have to watch your drink at all times!

There have been an increasing number of victims to spiked drinks and abuse. As such, the British lippy company 2LoveMyLips has come out with idea to attach a drug detector kit together with their lipgloss products.

The detector kit is to be used when gals are suspicious about their drink. It contains test stripes which can detect Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) and/or Ketamine. The stripe will turn dark blue upon detection of such colourless and odourless drugs in your drink, alarming you about the risk.

Click here to download the 2LoveMyLips Drink Safe & Stay In Control Guide.

Click here for more information about date-rape drugs.


kenwooi said... Reply To This Comment

cool.. haha.. =)

Baby said... Reply To This Comment

i dun use lipsticks woh

von Yvonne said... Reply To This Comment

wow, that's cool!

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