Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blogger Backup Utility

Blogger Backup Utility is an open source utility running on Windows PC to backup and/or restore the blog posts hosted in Blogger a.k.a. BlogSpot. It is developed by Greg Duncan and is running on top of Microsoft .NET Framework, therefore you need to have this framework component installed in your Windows PC before it can be used.

It makes use of your Google credential to automatically search for the URL and feeds of your blog(s). Alternatively, you can manually key-in those information without using your credential information.

What Blogger Backup Utility can do?

  • it can incrementally backup all your posts in Blogger (BlogSpot) and save them locally as XML files.
  • it can also incrementally backup all the comments in your blog.
  • it can help you to restore back your backup posts to Blogger (BlogSpot).

What Blogger Backup Utility cannot do at the moment?

  • comment restore would be available in future release.
  • picture backup and restore would be available in future release.
  • video clip backup and restore would be available in future release.

In order to use this utility, you should set your Blogger settings to allow for FULL blog feeds. Beside this, you should go to the Edit HTML page of Blogger and download your full template to your local PC, as this utility will not backup your template either.

Click here to download the installation file for Blogger Backup Utility. You can also click here to download its source code.


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