Monday, May 5, 2008

Upgraded e-Connect online service for Great Eastern Life Assurance Malaysia

I just noticed that the website of Great Eastern Life Assurance Malaysia at has a new look and feel now. Their e-Connect service which allows policy holders to view their policy information on-line has also been upgraded.

Now, more information is displayed to the policy holders, the dollars and cents are more transparent. The upgraded system shows the break down of all the benefit details, how much installment premium was charged to each of the benefit and rider. Detailed investment link fund information including the units possessed and fund value. It also shows the break down of the current surrender value and policy loan value of the policy.

Good job! Great Eastern Life Assurance Malaysia. Your effort in getting closer connection with policy holders is very much appreciated. And yes, I also appreciate on the special bonus that you've credited into my policy account recently.


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