Friday, May 9, 2008

VisualWade the PHP code generator

VisualWade is a freeware PHP code generator that generates web applications from design models. You will be able to design and deploy sophisticated web applications in PHP connected with relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL or ORACLE with just a few mouse clicks.

VisualWade is a great PHP developer solution to generate a complete solution in a very small period of time and ready to deploy in a PHP web server. It generates all PHP necessaries pages and also the database creation script. It generates the interface tier as templates, easy for customization and final touch-up.

This Model driven web development tools uses UML as class diagram specification, and complete with Navigational Access Diagrams (NAD) and Composition Layout Diagrams (CLD) for the user navigation specification according to the Object-Oriented Hypermedia (OO-H) method developed at University of Alicante. It also uses Object Constraint Language (OCL) as complementary language.


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