Sunday, May 18, 2008

The tragic 8.0 Richter earthquake in SiChuan, China

It was just 10 days after Myanmar (Burma) struck by the deadly storm brought by tropical cyclone Nargis, where more than 5,000 square kilometer of area affected, causing hundred of thousand families lost their home, shelter or even lives. On 12 May 2008, a terrific earthquake measuring 8.0 Richter scale (earlier reported as 7.8) hit the south west of China, bringing severe damage to more than 10,000 square kilometer, completely destroyed most of the townships in Wenchuan County (汶川县), turning them into dead towns of ashes and bodies. That powerful quake was felt as far away as Beijing, 1500 kilometers to the north, as well as in Bangkok, Thailand 3300 kilometers to the south. Many are burried, and the survivors are refuging from their home...

To date, it is reported that all across SiChuan, 32,477 people has died, and 220,109 injured. Many are still buried in the collapsed buildings. The towns are filled with smell of dead bodies.

Imagine that just overnight, your house tumbled into ashes. Or even though it is not yet collapsed, it is no longer safe and you dare not stay in it for another second. Imagine that just overnight, you lost everything, your home, your property, your beloved, and even your life. It is really a horrible tragedy, and this is not a movie, but a real disaster in SiChuan.

They are shocked, they are in great sorrow. They need to get medicated, they need shelter and food, and they need help to rebuild their home. What can you offer for them?

Click here to go to Tzu Chi Foundation (慈济基金会) homepage for info and donation.

Click here to go to World Vision (世界宣明会) homepage for info and donation.


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