Thursday, July 23, 2015

Padini Group Fair @ IOI Mall Puchong

FYI, Padini Group is currently having a clearance sale in IOI Mall Puchong for their brands including Padini, PDI, Padini Authentics, SEED, Miki, Vincci, and Tizio.

Miki Kids, Miki Baby, PDI Men and PDI Ladies items are selling as low as RM9 only.

Date: 22 July - 2 August 2015
Venue:  Ground Floor of IOI Mall Puchong Sky Dome Atrium (Old Wing outside Aeon supermarket)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Free TM WiFi access for UniFi users

If you are a UniFi broadband user, and your mobile device is able to detect a WiFi hotspot called "TM WiFi" in a restaurant, shopping center, or any one of the 28,000+ TM WiFi sites in Malaysia, you can connect to it to have free WiFi Internet access, thus saving your valuable mobile data usage quota.

To connect to the Internet with TM WiFi, select "TM WiFi" as your WiFi network provider, then open your mobile web browser and browse to any website.

Your browser homepage will be automatically redirected to a TM WiFi login page that looks like below:

Select "UniFi" as your TM WiFi ID Type. Your login ID is your UniFi login username without the "@unifi" behind. Your password is your UniFi password.

You will be able to access to the Internet with TM WiFi upon successful login.

To find out where you can get the TM WiFi Internet hotspots, go to the webpage below:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Popular Bookstore has gone online, finally

Popular Bookstore in Malaysia has finally gone online, and their website is

Although this online bookstore website has both Simplified Chinese and English version, most of the contents are in Chinese. As a result, if you switch to the English option, only the framework language of the webpage will change to English, the content will remain as Chinese.

From today until 2 August 2015, if you found any bug in this online bookstore and report to them, they will give you a 30% discount voucher.

If you register a new account in this website before 2 August 2015 (inclusive), they will also give you a RM8 cash voucher, but the redemption period is until 9 August 2015 only.

Do you really need an inverter water heater

Nowadays inverter technology applies to quite a lot of electrical appliances.

You can find inverter air-cond, inverter refrigerator, inverter washing machine, inverter fan, and even inverter water heater.

Inverter motors generally operate quieter than their a/c counterparts, and their warranty period is normally longer too. They are also suppose to save more electricity.

For many water heaters in the market, the inverter technology actually applies to the water pump in the water heater and not to the water heating mechanism, although some water heaters also apply the inverter technology in water heating.

If the inverter technology only applies to the water pump, and you seldom use the water pump to boost up the water flow during shower, then it would not be necessary for you to spend more in getting an inverter model of the water heater. It only make sense for you to buy a water heater with inverter technology if you turn on the pump almost every time you shower.

For you reference, below are 3 different models of Alpha brand water heater:

  • Alpha Smart 18E (without pump) - RM410
  • Alpha Smart 18EP (with pump) - RM570
  • Alpha Smart 18i (with inverter pump) - RM620

Monday, July 13, 2015

Upgraded my TM UniFi Internet service from 10Mbps VIP10 to new 30Mbps package

Recently, I received a call from Telekom Malaysia Sales Centre promoting the new 30Mbps UniFi HSBB Internet service to me as an upgrade to my existing 10Mbps UniFi VIP10 package.

Today, I received an email informing that the upgrade has been successfully done.

My previous package: UniFi VIP10 @ RM179 per month +6% GST
My current package: UniFi 30 + HyppTV Aneka Pack @ RM199 per month +6% GST

A test with Ookla Speedtest website shows that my Internet download speed has increased from previous 10Mbps to 30Mbps. However, I also found out that my Internet upload speed has reduced from previous 10Mbps to 5Mbps. I have just contacted TM to clarify on this reduce in upload speed.

If you are also a UniFi subscriber and has received this upgrade offer from TM, here is the information about the RM199 upgrade package that I would like to share with you:
  • 30Mbps Internet speed (but the 5Mbps upload speed yet to receive clarification from TM)
  • Unlimited quota (same as existing UniFi)
  • Free nationwide phone calls to TM numbers (same as existing UniFi. I heard that new subscriber will not get this anymore)
  • Free TM WiFi access at over 28,000 access points (same as existing UniFi)
  • HyppTV Aneka Pack (32 channels)
  • HyppTV Everywhere Plan A to watch HyppTV in 2 devices (PC, Android, or Apple). Need to install the HyppTV Everywhere app. Password will be given by email when service activated.

This upgrade is done seamlessly. It uses back all the hardware devices in existing UniFi package (broadband termination unit, WiFi router, TV set top box, cordless phone), and it is not necessary for any technician to come to your house for the upgrade. All you need to do is to restart the BTU and WiFi router after receiving the email upon successful upgrade to enjoy the new Internet speed.

Korean Biocera laundry washing ball with ceramic pebbles

I saw this Biocera laundry washing ball with ceramic pebbles at their road show counter, and bought home for a try.

This washing ball is said to be able to replace the function of detergent and softener when placed in our washing machine. It is able to clean, sterilize and deodourize our clothes and laundry by "activating" the water during the washing process.

It is said that each of this soft rubber ball with ceramic pebbles inside can be used for up to 1,000 washing cycle, which is at least a few years for normal household use. We only need one ball for laundry up to 6kg, and two balls if the laundry exceeds 6kg.

Here are my 2 Biocera balls in my 9kg washing machine, ready to use.

I was told to immerse the Biocera balls with water for about 30 minutes before their first use. I found some small black particles in the water after the 30 minutes immersion. Perhaps this is the reason, or else the small particles might cause blockage in the washing machine drum.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Panasonic NI-100DX cordless non-stick dry iron

This Panasonic NI-100DX is a basic dry iron, without fancy features and not of the steam iron type. As such, its price is very affordable too.

What makes it different is that it is formed by 2 separate parts: the main body and a base.

Its base contains the power cord to be plugged into the wall socket, and there is a storage compartment for this power cord, making it tidy and easy to carry around, suitable to be a travelling companion.

When the iron parked at its base with power on, its non-stick soleplate will heat up within 1-2 minutes and ready for use. This base also ensure you'll place it properly when you remove your hand off its handle, without accidentally heating on surface that not suppose to contact with its hot soleplate.

The iron with ergonomic handle is only 1.4kg. It is very easy to maneuver without any attached power cord during ironing. You can now iron in any direction and free from the hassle of tangling power cord.

I have been using it for several weeks. Its cordless feature really brings a good user experience.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Multifunctional digital alarm clock with calendar, temperature, humidity, weather display and time projector

Today I would like to share with you a China made multifunctional digital alarm clock with cool features and cheap price, which I purchased online. The model no. is DS-8190.

This clock can operate either using 2 AAA batteries or 4.5V DC current input.

I called it an alarm clock because when operate using the AAA batteries, its backlight will turn off to conserve the battery life, and you need to press its top button to turn the backlight on in order to see a clear colourful display on its screen. The backlight will be off again within a few seconds.

Without the backlight, the screen is too dim, although you can still be able to see the screen display with close observation. This is ideal for it to be an alarm clock, because its screen will be too bright with the backlight on.

On its screen, this clock is able to show the time in either 24 hours or AM/PM format, a full calendar from year 2001-2099 with the day of week, and it has sensors to track the humidity and temperature. Based on it tracked humidity and temperature data, it is able to estimate the weather condition.

The backlight of the clock is always on when it operates with 4.5V DC current. You need a separate AC/DC adaptor for this to work. I use a Lemax 500mA universal safety AC/DC adaptor with polarity dial (model S69D), and this is my setting for it to work with the clock:

Somebody has shown in Youtube about how he modified the circuit of the clock to make its backlight always on when operated with batteries. Perhaps he hasn't tried using the AC/DC adaptor, which serves the same purpose without the need of hassle to modify the clock internal circuit.

On the right hand side of the clock is a small projector, which will project the time onto the wall or ceiling when its backlight is turned on.

The projected time is quite bright and can be seen even at daytime. It seems to be even brighter and able to reach a longer distance when the surrounding is dark at night.

This feature is pretty interesting, enabling us to easily check the time when we awake at night. However, its backlight is too bright and glary at night. Perhaps it should have a setting to turn on the projector while still keeping the backlight of the screen off. That will make it perfect.

Lastly, as an alarm clock, when the alarm mode is turned on, it will beep when the preset alarm time is reached. The beeping interval will gradually become faster and faster, until you press down its top button.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Alert: your password stored in web browsers can easily be retrieved and revealed by WebBrowserPassView

WebBrowserPassView by NirSoft is a Windows freeware password recovery tool that can reveal the websites password information that you have stored in web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

This means that anybody who has physical or remote access to your computer, or any malicious software that gain access to your computer, can easily retrieve your login name and password stored in the web browsers.

These user names and passwords might include login access information to Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, forums, and even your Internet banking accounts, as long as you have stored them in your web browser under the AutoComplete or AutoFill feature.

Therefore, it is advisable not to store your password in your web browser. You can store your password in a more secured mechanism such as Norton Identity Safe which provides you the similar autocomplete feature but storing your passwords in a more secured way.

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