Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bookfest Malaysia 2014 @ KLCC

During this Hari Raya holidays, I have visited to Bookfest Malaysia 2014 held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, which is crowded by overwhelming people.

There are a few parking places nearby KLCC with a parking rate of RM5 per entry, including Wisma Central, and an open car park beside Avenue K shopping complex.

Venue: Hall 1-5, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 23 July - 3 August 2014
Time: 10am - 10pm
Entrance fee: RM2.50. Free for children and elderly person.

I feel the arrangement for ticket counter, entrance and exit for this Bookfest very awkward. The ticket counter is located far away from the entrance, and the exit is located at the center in between the English section (Hall 4 & 5) and Chinese section (Hall 1 & 2).

You really can get very good discount for the books in this Bookfest, which has attracted a lot of book lovers going there. There are also lots of activities and talks ongoing everyday, which you can find the detail schedule here: http://www.bookfestmalaysia.com/event-schedule.php

This event is a good chance for you to buy some books. Remember to keep the receipt for income tax relief to be declared in April next year :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Converting your handphone / MP3 player to mini radio station with FM Transmitter

If your car CD player is capable of replaying MP3 music, you'll need to burn the MP3 files into a finalized CDR disc, which has a capacity of up to 680MB only.

If your car audio system has a USB port to play MP3 music, you'll need to copy the MP3 files to a USB thumb drive and plug it into the USB port of the car audio system.

What if your car audio system doesn't support the above 2 ways of playing MP3 music?

Well, you can convert and burn your MP3 files into an audio CD, which can store about 10 songs, and play it with your car CD player.

There also exist a kind of FM Transmitter that plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket, which you need to copy your MP3 files to an SD card and slot it into the FM Transmitter. Then, you can tune your car radio to the same frequency with the FM Transmitter in order to listen to the music.

But I have a better choice. I use the kind of FM Transmitter as shown below which can turn your handphone, MP3 player, or any kind of gadgets that support audio output to a universal 3.5mm headphone jack.

This FM Transmitter turns your gadget into a mini radio station with broadcast range of about 15 meters only. It supports devices with the 3.5mm headphone jack including handphone, MP3 player, voice recorder, tablet, laptop, etc.

The audio transmitted out can then be received and played by any radio device within the range. This could be your car radio, a normal radio, a Hi-Fi, a handphone with FM radio function, etc.

This FM Transmitter is able to transmit high-fidelity stereo sound with the digital PLL (phase locked loop) technology. It supports full range of FM transmitting frequency (87.5MHz-108.0MHz). It has stereo isolation of >= 38dB.

You can use it to output any kind of audio from the connected device, with audio frequency range of 100Hz-15,000Hz.

It has its own built-in 120mAh Li-ion battery, which can be recharged with its micro-USB port.

Its usage is similar to the cigarette lighter FM Transmitter. Just tune your car radio to the same frequency with this FM Transmitter in order to listen to the music.

Pretty cool isn't it?

HSC YC-401 Car 1-to-3 Cigarette Lighter Sockets with 2 USB ports

Nowadays most of us make use of our car's cigarette lighter socket as a kind of in-car power source for our gadgets rather than its original purpose (to heat up and light a cigarette).

When we carry more and more gadgets, we might find that one power source is not enough, and we find ways to extend it.

I make use of HSC (英才星) YC-401 Car 1-to-3 Cigarette Lighter Sockets with 2 USB ports to obtain up to 5 power sources in my car.

With this gadget, now I get:
  • 3x 12V/24V 5A DC cigarette lighter sockets (which can plug in car chargers of gadgets)
  • 1x 5V/1A USB charging port (suitable for most handphones or GPS)
  • 1x 5V/2.1A USB charging port (suitable for most tablets)
This HSC YC-401 cost me RM3x. It has some prominent claims on quality, including:
  • Dual power control IC (instead of one)
  • Output power of 120W supporting all kinds of gadgets including car vacuum cleaner
  • Stainless steel metal contacts that won't rust
  • 10A/250V fuse (the package comes with 2 fuses, one for use and one for spare)
  • Power cord of 85cm long with 82 copper wires

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Online SSPN-i Statement of Account (for income tax relief)

You can check for the transactions and amount of savings of your kid's SSPN-i account with this website: https://www.ptptn.gov.my/saving/sspnlogin.html

In order to use this online facility, you need to make a registration first by clicking on the "Pendaftaran Online E-SSPN-i" link.

Currently, there is nothing much in the website. You can check for the updated account statement, and print it out for income tax relief of up to RM6,000 per year.

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How to top up SSPN-i saving using Maybank2u

If you have opened a National Education Savings Scheme (Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional, SSPN-i) account for your kid, and you intend to top up your kid's SSPN-i saving by using Maybank2u online facility, this is the way.

Don't waste your time looking for the SSPN-i top up link inside Maybank2u online banking website, you can't find it there.

Instead, go to the webpage below:

Look for the black button with caption "Bayaran Debit Maybank2u.com Debit Payment" on that webpage and click on it, then follow the steps to complete the money transfer.

In order to use this online method to top up SSPN-i saving, you need to have all of the following:

  • A Maybank savings or current account (to transfer money from)
  • Activated Maybank2u online banking facility (through Maybank ATM machine)
  • SSPN-i account (to transfer money to)
  • A handphone number that linked with your Maybank2u account (to receive the TAC SMS during money transfer)
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

57 mutual funds with 0% sales charge at eUnittrust.com.my

In conjunction with Malaysia's 57th year of independence (Merdeka) and the recent recent PhillipCapital 5th Annual Investment Conference 2014, Philip Mutual is now offering 0% sales charge to 57 funds available in their https://www.eunittrust.com.my/ website should you invest more than RM10,000 in the selected funds, or 0.5% sales charge should your investment amount is between RM5,000 and RM9,999.

This "eUnitTrust Raya & Merdeka Promotion 2014" will end on 31 August 2014.

You can trade unit trust funds managed by various fund management companies including Eastspring Investments Berhad, Hwang Investment Management Bhd, Kenanga Investors Berhad, etc. with this online  unit trust distribution channel.

For more information, visit to https://www.eunittrust.com.my/fundInfo/promotions.asp.

A family trip to i-City Theme Park @ Shah Alam

My family spent our recent Nuzul Al-Quran holiday at i-City Theme Park located near UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor.

When we reached there, there are still construction works going on around the place for the development of residential and commercial buildings. The theme park is also in the midst of building an outdoor attraction area.

I have to warn you that the ticket price for I-City attraction areas is not cheap. Luckily, there is a limited time promotion ongoing now for us to purchase an i-Card at the price of RM52 per person (regardless adult or children) which entitles us to visit to the following 5 attraction areas:

  • Red Carpet all-stars interactive wax museum
  • House of Horror
  • Space Mission
  • Snowalk
  • Waterworld
This RM52 i-Card is only available for daytime visit, and not inclusive for the entrance to the famous Trick Art Museum nor the 5D Cinema in i-City, which need to purchase the tickets separately.

The Red Carpet all-stars interactive wax museum is transformed from a block of vacant shoplots. Now you don't need to travel to Hong Kong or New York to have a look at the wax figures of famous celebrities, politicians, athletes, scientists, and other personalities.

The House of Horror and Space Mission are also transformed from vacant shoplots.

Snowalk is located next to Waterworld. You can experience the winter coldness in this snow wonderland with igloo, ice sculptures and rides. If you want to visit to Snowalk, you'd better at least wear sport shoes. Don't go with slippers or sandals as it might be too cold and too slippery for your feet. Anyhow, non-slip boots are optionally available before you go in, at additional charge. Winter jackets are available for borrow for free (inclusive in ticket price), so don't worry about bringing your own jacket there although no harm for you to do so.

You might probably spend the most time at Waterworld. The main attraction in this waterpark is the Tornado ride. Lockers are available for rent in Waterworld at the price of RM10. You will be given an NFC watch to unlock the assigned locker. Make sure you return the NFC watch to the ticket counter to get a free ride to the Under The Sea attraction outside the Waterworld.

The Trick Art Museum is a place for photo taking. The paintings inside will come into 3D via illusion in your photos.

i-City at night features its City of Digital Light lightscape with colourful LED lights on trees and figures around the place.

We had our meal at Spice of Penang. I felt that it would be better to eat at one of the fast food restaurants around rather than this.

In most of the attraction areas, you will see photographer offer to take photo for you. Photo taking is free, but to take away the photo taken, you need to pay for it.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A psychology test on what you really matter in your life

This is a psychology test which is pretty accurate to help you unveil what you really matter in your life.
If you are interested, please have some patient to read through the story below.
A man M is going to marry his fiancée F, but there is a river getting in their way, and he has to borrow a boat to cross the river in order to meet with F.

Then he met a lady L who owns a boat. M tried to borrow the boat from L. But L fall in love with M and asked, "I love you, do you love me?" M honestly replied, "I'm sorry, I can't love you as I already have a fiancée." L was upset and decided not to lend the boat to M. She said, "I love you, but you don't love me in return. This is unfair, and I won't lend you my boat."

M was disappointed. He continued finding a boat. He met with a second lady S. S told him, "I can lend you my boat, with one condition. I like you very much, and I don't care whether you like me or not, but you have to stay a night with me, or you shall not get the boat." M felt awkward for he knew that there are only 2 boats available. He was unable to borrow a boat from L, if he didn't get the boat from S, he won't be able to cross the river. He was forced to make a deal with S in order to meet up with his fiancée. They have one night stand, and S fulfilled her promise by lending him the boat.
M felt guilty when he met with F. He confessed to F about his story with L and S. F was deeply depressed and broke up with M. She felt M had betrayed her and that was unforgiveable.
Then, M came across with another lady E, and they started a relationship. Sensing that M has something in his mind that troubled him, E asked is there anything he wanted to tell her. M told her everything about his relationship with LS and F. Surprisingly, E just told him, "It doesn't matter to me, for I have no relationship with your past."
Now comes the question to you: please put these 5 persons (including M) in the order who do you think has the best character, and who is the second, third, forth and fifth.
Your answer reveals what is the most important to you in your life, and your order of value among:
  • E - Enterprise (career)
  • F - Family
  • L - Love
  • M - Money
  • S - Sex


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Google Drive as a good alternative to Dropbox or OneDrive

I have been using Dropbox to sync, backup, share and publish files for a few years, and I am still using it today.
Dropbox is pretty good, but it lacks of access control feature for sharing file/folder with other users. For example, you cannot make a shared file/folder read-only to your buddies, and you cannot prevent your file/folder from being deleted by your buddies.
I heard that Dropbox is now finally trying to introduce such collaborative sharing features, but they plan to limit the function to Dropbox for Business which is not free and requires subscription.
Meanwhile, Microsoft has evolved their SkyDrive into OneDrive and bundles it with Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 and Microsoft Office 365. When sharing file/folder in OneDrive, we can define it to be read-only (recipient can only view) or full access (recipient can edit).
There are other cloud based file sharing applications such as SugarSync, Box.com, etc. which also support for collaborative sharing access control, but such function is only made available to the non-free version of their service.
As such, I found Google Drive is so far the best cloud based file sharing applications in terms of feature, particularly on collaborative sharing access control. Besides, you get a free cloud storage of 15GB (shared with Gmail and Google+ photos) with Google Drive, compared with the 2GB initial free storage in Dropbox and 7GB free storage in OneDrive.
You can activate your Google Drive service if you have a Google user account. All Android phone/tablet/device users should have one, and if you are using other Google services such as Gmail, Blogger, etc. you also have it.
You can access Google Drive by browsing to https://drive.google.com. One that page, you can download and install Google Drive sync service into your computer.
Google Drive app for Android can also be found in PlayStore, and Google Drive for iOS can be found in Apple iTune Store.
The Google Drive installation process for PC is pretty simple and straightforward.
 You can set the file/folder access control the moment you share it out with Google Drive.
 Your buddies can even make comment to your shared Google Docs files.
And you can define if your editors with the "can edit" permission are allowed to add people and change permissions or not.
The table below shows the access control mechanism of Google Drive, which is pretty comprehensive and similar feature can only be found in subscription version of other alternatives.

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