Monday, May 31, 2010

Alert - Kenmark share price dropped 90% within 1.5 trading day

You might have noticed that the trading volume of furniture manufacturer Kenmark (7030, Consumer Products) surged during the last trading day (Thursday 27 May 2010) as well as today morning. This has made this lowly traded stock suddenly emerged to be the top traded share this morning.

This is not a good news though. Its share price dropped tremendously with the sudden volume.

Kenmark's price used to hoover around 85 sen for a long time. However, by today 10am, its price has tumbled 90% to around 10 sen only, as a result from sudden drop last Thursday and this morning.

You can obtain information of the cause for this unusual share price movement in Bursa Malaysia's website in a reply filed by Chong Fui Tzy in respond to its unusual market activity (UMA) query.

It is reported that their Managing Director, James Hwang, is missing in action and uncontactable. Their Deputy General Manager, Goh Kim Chon, together with their Finance & Admin Manager, have both resigned suddenly.

"The Independent Directors had on 29 May 2010 morning gone to the Company’s premises at Port Klang and noted that the premises have been sealed and a security guard has been placed to secure the premises."

Their creditor, EON Bank, has sealed their factory and is taking action to take over their asset. Certain suppliers had gone into their premises to recover stock and raw material from them.

Shortly after the UMA reply announced, Kenmark has been suspended. It will resume trading by tomorrow (1 June 2010).

This is an alert to all speculators who have bought or intend to buy the shares of Kenmark: make sure you really know what you are doing.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for sharing of point of view only. It is not an advice or recommendation to buy or sell any of the mentioned stock counters. You should do your own homework before trading in Bursa Malaysia.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fixed Garmin suction cup mount fall off from windscreen problem

After about 1 year of usage, the suction cup mount of my Garmin GPS often fall off after about 1 hour sticking onto the windscreen. Sometimes, it even fall off at shorter time, especially during rainy day.

I found an easy solution to fix this problem. Just merse it into hot water (70-80 degree Celcius) for about 1-2 minutes, and the rubber suction cup will restore its suction power!

If you also faced the same problem, try this solution and share with us whether it works for you or not. If you have other solutions as well, please share with me too.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

About Secure Digital (SD) memory cards

Secure Digital (SD) cards are small memory card widely used in many portable devices nowadays.

The devices that use SD memory cards include digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, digital camcorders, GPS navigators, netbooks, media players, etc.

Beside being the data storage medium in those portable devices, SD memory cards is also a handy medium to transfer data from one to another. As such, newer computers, laptops, televisions, etc. also equiped with SD card reader to enable them display graphics and/or videos in the SD card onto their screen. Certain printers (including my Brother DCP-130C) also have SD card slot to print out images in the SD card directly.

SD memory cards come in 3 different physical sizes:
  • Standard SD - 32 × 24 × 2.1 mm
  • miniSD - 20 x 21.5 x 1.4 mm
  • microSD - 15 x 11 x 1.0 mm
Adapters are available, and usually sold together with the card, to convert smaller size card into larger one, such as from miniSD to Standard SD.

In terms of storage capacity, there are also 3 types:
  • Standard SD - up to 4GB
  • High Capacity (SDHC)  - 4GB to 32GB
  • Extended Capacity (SDXC) - 32GB to 2TB
Certain devices, especially the older one, don't support SDHC nor SDXC. And some even older devices only support standard SD up to 2GB only.

In terms of writing speed, you might find the SD memory cards labelled as:
  • Class 2: 16 Mbps (2 Megabytes ps)
  • Class 4: 32 Mbps (4 Megabytes ps)
  • Class 6: 48 Mbps (6 Megabytes ps)
  • Class 10: 80 Mbps (10 Megabytes ps)
The lifespan of SD memory cards, if used properly and handled with care, is normally around 100k write cycle or 10 years. That should be good enough for normal users.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MGMA branded garment up to 70% sale @ Genting Highlands

For your information, the Malaysian Garment Marketers' Assocation (MGMA) is organizing a Branded Sale of up to 70% off (additional 5% discount for OCBC credit cards) to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

Date: 28 May - 6 June 2010
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: Genting International Convension Centre (GICC), Genting Highlands

Items on sale including fashion wear, leather goods, children wear, baby products, undergarment, footwear, etc. of the following brands: Bonia, GMV,  John Master, John Langford, Crocodile, Forest, Esse One, Skiva, Disney, Valentino Creations, Pony, Audrey, MiniCare, B.U.M. Equipment, Anakku, Goggles, Camel Active, Byford, Polo, Playboy, Arrow, Sorella, Blush, Young Hearts, Nicole, Smalto, Pierre Cardin, and many more.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Software update to v3.00 (2010-05) available for Sing/Mal version of Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w

The new software version 3.00 (2010-05) is now available for Sing/Mal version of Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w.

This version will enable multi-language voice resources support to the unit. After successful update, run WebUpdater and you will find more language options available to install into your GPS navigator.

Here are the steps I have taken to successfully updated my Nuvi 255w.

Download the installation file from Garmin's website (link provided at the end of this article). The filename is nuvi255W_SG_v300.exe with the size of 10,976kb.

Remove the SD card (that I use to store additional maps) from the GPS slot.

Connect the GPS to my computer with USB cable and access to its storage.

Rename the file /Garmin/GPX/Current.gpx to /Garmin/GPX/temp.gpx. During the update process, a new Current.gpx file will be created and data in this temp.gpx will be restored to the new Current.gpx. If this step is not taken, you might lost your saved waypoints and/or favourites.

Delete these 3 files from /Garmin/Voice folder:

  • English_American_Jack.vpm
  • English_Australian_Karen.vpm
  • English_British_Daniel.vpm
Don't worry, they'll be replaced with new version of voice files during the update process.

Run the nuvi255W_SG_v300.exe from the computer. It will copy over some files to the GPS.

Safely unplug the USB cable and let the GPS reboot by itself. You will see the message of "Software loading..." on the screen of the GPS while it is performing the update.

In less than half a minute, the GPS will automatically reboot itself after the update is completed.

Now the GPS is loaded with new software v3.00 (successfully updated from the previous v2.80).

Meanwhile, software version 2.50 (2010-05) is also available for Sing/Mal version of Garmin Nuvi 1350/1460 now.

That version will:
  • Add Travel Guide feature in Find Menu Page
  • Enable multi-language voice resources support
  • Synchronize to Eng V3.40
Click here to download the installation file for Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w Sing/Mal v3.00 software.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MoneyTree June 2010 school holiday Financial Education Fast Track Programme

The MoneyTree June 2010 Financial Education Fast Track Programme is a school holiday program designed to increase your children's keen interest in Financial Literacy through a Learn-Through-Play approach.

The program is claimed to be able to help your children realize the importance of Financial Literacy, and more importantly, acquire the right attitude, mindset and habits towards MONEY.

This program is targetted to children of 9-12 years old (Junior Fast Track) and 13-17 years old (Apprentice Fast Track).

The program will teach the children on:

  • How to manage money wisely
  • How to avoid the pitfalls with credit cards
  • The different investment instruments and how to use them
  • How to build and grow fund for their future
  • Hands on experience
  • and more...
Upon completion of the program, the children will receive certification from Open University Malaysia (OUM).
Maybank clients who sign up their children to this program will get special bonus of:
  • RM100 cash to be deposited to the children's Maybank account
  • 3 additional MoneyTree classes for the children (worth RM190)
Click here for more information about the MoneyTree June 2010 school holiday Financial Education Fast Track Programme.

Friday, May 21, 2010

21st CommunicAsia + 15th BroadcastAsia + 7th Enterprise IT + 4th InteractiveDME @ Singapore

June is near, FIFA World Cup is coming. Yet, there are also interesting events happening at the same time.

The 21st CommunicAsia, together with 15th BroadcastAsia, and 7th Enterprise IT, and also 4th InteractiveDME will be held concurrently in Singapore Expo this coming 15-18 June 2010.

This year, CommunicAsia 2010 highlights the newest technology innovation in the ICT industry in the like of today’s digital convergence landscape. Products being showcased ranges from the latest technologies in applications, solutions to hardware. The show has proven to be the choice platform for product launches and announcements.

This is the event that is set to address the complete convergence of technology, discuss on the development needs and opportunities in this dynamic industry. Experience the convergence of technology at work all under one-roof at Asia’s most established ICT platform.

Meanwhile, BroadcastAsia 2010 is acclaimed as the one-stop event for Asia’s digital multimedia & entertainment industry. This annual exhibition and conference convenes industry professions, decision makers, vendors and buyers to network and build alliances.

BroadcastAsia 2010 is set to be Asia’s first-rate event showcasing complete Digital Multimedia and Entertainment Technologies. It encompasses TV / Radio Broadcasting, Film / Motion Picture, Production / Post-production and Multi-Platform Streaming. World-renowned solutions providers will demonstrate applications for broadcasters, production / post-production companies, film / motion picture producers, computer graphic / animation studios, mobile entertainment providers and more.

EnterpriseIT 2010 is set to address the complete convergence of technology, discuss on the development needs and opportunities in this dynamic industry. Experience the convergence of technology at work all under one-roof at Asia’s most established ICT platform.

EnterpriseIT is catered for enterprises across all industries keen to have the right enterprise solutions to meet the evolving needs of their business.

Last but not least, InteractiveDME 2010 is the event where one gains insight into the future interactive digital media and entertainment industry and see how the market continues to evolve in the ways information, content and entertainment are obtained, accessed and shared. This event brings together a whole array of technologies and equipments for the digital media, entertainment, broadcasting and communications markets.

For more information:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upgraded Toyota Avanza 1.5 stock Dunlop SP10 185/65R15 88S tyres to Goodyear Eagle NCT5 195/60R15 88V

It is time for my Toyota Avanza 1.5G to have new set of tyres, and the stock tyres with spec of 185/65R15 is not so popular, and limited choice. As a result, I decided to change the spec to 195/60R15 which is more popular, has more choice and easier to get.

The stock tyres for Toyota Avanza 1.5G are Dunlop SP10 185/65R15 88S. They are quite durable, and I've used them for 3 years, running over a mileage of over 60,000 kilometers, before I finally replace them.

Stock tyre - Dunlop SP10

I've chosen the wider Goodyear Eagle NCT5 195/60R15 88V as the replacement.

New tyre - Goodyear Eagle NCT5

This Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tyre gives better handling and firmer grip than Dunlop SP10. Since it is 88V, it is designed to be able to run in higher speed as fast as 240km/h too, although I don't think the 1.5 engine of my Avanza can get close to that kind of speed.

Although the original 15" rim can be used, the new tyre is about 1" wider than before, and I was advised by the tyre shop to change to a new set of 15" rim to match with the new tyre's spec. The stock rims are traded in. Then, I was told that this new rim need a centre cone ring to fit better to the chasis and avoid possible vibration. The wheel nut need to be changed as well.

Here is what I've paid, including workmanship for installation:
  • 4x new Goodyear Eagle NCT5 195/60R15 88V tyre, manufactured in 17th week of 2010 (about 2 weeks ago): RM840
  • 4x 15" Taiwan made ADR sport rim, traded in with stock rim: RM660
  • 4x centre cone: RM50
  • Wheel nuts: RM50
  • 4x steel valve: FOC
  • Balancing and alignment: FOC
Hope that I've got a good price for the wheels replacement.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A simple course in Good Human Relations from 6 words to 1 word

The following are extracted from an article written by Tan Sri Dato' Soong Siew Hoong, a famous businessman in iron and steel industry, who is very active in business associations including FMM, ACCCIM, etc. The origin of this simple course of wisdom is anonymous.

Here is the simple course in Good Human Relations from 6 words to 1 word.

The important words:
I admit I made a mistake
You did a good job
What is your opinion
If you please
Thank you

The least important word:

The words are simple. Let's look into the deeper meaning of each line.

I Admit I Made A Mistake (6 words)
It takes wisdom to know you are wrong, and courage to admit it publicly and then take steps to correct the mistake. This means practising the concept of LEARNING is a lifelong process and there is always a better way to do things.

You Did A Good Job (5 words)
We should always give praise to someone who did a good job, say it in front of others, with sincerity. In this way, that person will not only feel happy to be recognized for good performance, but will continue to support you.

What Is Your Opinion? (4 words)
There is everything to gain and nothing to lose, to ask for others' opinions. They'll feel as part of the team to be consulted. They may even come out with better idea!

If You Please... (3 words)
Asking for help in a polite way, instead of demanding it, will likely get a positive response.

Thank You (2 words)
It is so easy to say thank you to someone for even a little favour, yet many people don't say it, and just take it for granted. Say thank you to your colleagues, friends, relatives, even to your spouse and children, and they will become your friend and be respected.

We (1 word)
Saying WE means you are partners, you share the praise or success, just as you share the responsibility. There should be no finger pointing and no individual heroes!

In practising Good Human Relations, I is the least important word. It denotes self importance, egoism, and never goes down well with others. Avoid using I, expect when accepting responsibility for a mistake done by you . Use WE more often to promote comradeship and teamwork.

Practising Good Human Relations begins with each of us. Hope that this sharing has enlighten your thought.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Web edition will be free for all to use

Since 2009, there are rumours and talks about there will be a web edition for the upcoming Microsoft Office 2010, and it would most probably be provided at no cost to users.

Now this seems to come to reality soon, as Microsoft just officially announced that there will be Office 2010 Web service to be made available to some 400 millions users of their free Windows Live online service.

According to the source, this Office 2010 Web service will also be free to enterprise workers, provided they are licensed for Office's software maintenance program namely Software Assurance.

You might have noticed that over the past few years, the monopolized market of Microsoft Office has been threaten by rivals such as, Google Docs, etc.

In order to counter the competition from, selling price of the current Microsoft Office 2007 has been dropping with "special discounts", especially on the Home & Students Edition (3 licenses in a box) which now selling at the price of RM1xx only.

Microsoft's move to provide Office 2010 Web for free is seen to counter the competition from the free Google Docs in the cloud.

This kind of competition is definitely good to us consumers, and we hope that the competition will sustain, so that we could get better quality software, better support, at competitive cost of ownership.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

SRI Home Guard Set with fire extinguisher, smoke detector and fire blanket

It is always recommended (in fact, a necessity) to have some sort of safety and prevention against fire in our home. In fact, it is already a must for all business premises. During emergency, these fire fighting equipments could be our property and life saver.

In view of this, I've purchased an SRI Home Guard Set for RM168, which consists of 3 products in a box:

  • 1x 1kg ABC powder fire extinguisher
  • 1x battery powered photoelectric smoke alarm
  • 1x (1.2 meter x 1.2 meter) fire blanket

The 1kg ABC dry powder fire extinguisher is non-toxic, harmless to skin and non-conductor to electricity (compared with water which can conduct electricity). The 1kg tank is pretty small and light, which can be easily operated by women or children. However, the fire must be put off within 7 seconds, or else the ABC powder will finish and you must quickly run away.

The battery powered photoelectric smoke alarm will sound when triggerred by smoke. Just install it to the ceiling, and it is able to cover an area of 60 meter square. It has a tester switch to test for its function. As it is a smoke detector, it should not be installed in areas such as near the stove or on top of the altar.

The fire blanket is made of non-flammable woven fiber glass material, which can be used to put off small fire by covering the fire with it, or to cover our own body when evacuating from fire.

Click here to visit the website of SRI. You can purchase the Home Guard set online there.

Most recent interest rates from commercial banks in Malaysia

For your information, the Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) makes available the most recent interest rates from commercial banks in Malaysia in their website.

The interest rates information covers:

  • Fixed deposit rate (from 1 month to 12 months) of each bank
  • Savings account interest rate
  • Current account interest rate
  • BLR rate (for lending)
It is not so straightforward to reach the information, if you don't know where is it located in the ABM website.

Well, here is its URL. You might want to bookmark it if you find it useful:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fixed GMapTool problem regarding "Multiple products in img, creating TDB aborted"

Sometimes when you try to use GMapTool to convert the finalized gmapsupp.img or gmapprom.img back to MapSource maps, the process might not be so smooth.

It might halt halfway with this error message: "Multiple products in img, creating TDB aborted, try option -f."

Some of the maps that will give this problem are:
  • ESRI Thailand StreetMap NT v10.1 (FID = 57)
  • CN Hong Kong / Macau and Guangdong NT v7.61 (FID = 2082)
I managed to change the "error" into "warning" by specifying the mapset FID when doing the splitting in GMapTool. You can find out the mapset FID by clicking the Details button after loading the mapset file into GMapTool.

Now you can have the whole mapset splitting process complete and the installation file for MapSource created, despite some warning might come out along the process.

The bottomline is, you will be able to open and view the map in MapSource.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Towers Watson 2010 GWS found Malaysians value job security and stability

The Towers Watson Global Workforce Study 2010 claimed to be the most comprehensive study available on employee mindset following the recession. Conducted online from November 2009 to January 2010, the study polled 20,000 full-time employees from 22 countries around the world. In Malaysia, about 600 employees in mid-size to large organisations were polled. The research builds upon several previous Global Workforce Studies to provide companies with actionable insights around employee behaviours, opinions and engagement levels.

Below is derived from their press release on 15 April 2010...

Malaysian employees rank job security and stability as their most important employment criteria. Nonetheless, they remain highly mobile as only 11% plan to remain in their current organization, compared to 42% globally, according to the results of new research from global professional services company Towers Watson.

The Towers Watson Global Workforce Study – a biennial survey of employee attitudes and workplace trends – also finds that while engagement levels remain unaffected by the recession, organizations should continue to focus on career advancement and leadership as the twin factors of engaging and retaining their workforce.

"More than half of the Malaysian workforce prefers to work for 3 or more organizations throughout their career. (While they desire stability and security in their job, they may be inclined to leave the organization if better job stability and security, career advancement and effective leadership are available.) The challenge then lies in employers retaining their top talent and keeping them engaged," said Vivek Nath, Managing Director for Towers Watson Malaysia.

Career advancement opportunities to retain top talent in the workplace

While employees desire job security and stability as a general consideration, the study shows that they specifically cite the availability of career advancement opportunities as the most important reason influencing their decision to join an organization, other factors include an organization’s financial health, and competitive base pay.

In order to attract and retain employees, organizations have to focus on creating career advancement prospects in the work environment. Among the factors that respondents believe will help advance their careers are:
  • having a supportive mentor, aside from their manager;
  • having an immediate manager to provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills;
  • having an immediate manager to provide clear goals for the team; and
  • having an immediate manager to assign tasks that are well suited to their skills and abilities.
It is also interesting to note that Malaysia’s workforce views fostering relationships as an important way of helping them advance their career. 81% of respondents also believe that networking and collaborating with their peers would enhance and develop the necessary skills they need in getting ahead in their careers. 80% of the respondents also view learning opportunities from new job assignments as a way to enhance and develop their skills effectively throughout their career.

At the same time, Malaysian employees are well aware that it is ultimately the merits of their performance that will determine how far they would go in their careers. 73% agree that the results delivered in their job far trumps who they know.

Based on this belief, Malaysian employees also prefer to be assessed and rewarded on their work performance. 68% say that they prefer a pay-for-performance approach based on their individual performance, rather than on the organisation’s performance and 44% would like to receive rewards based primarily on their most recent job performance, rather than their track record of success or tenure with the organisation.

"We find that Malaysian employees are eager to carve out their career roadmap and are willing to put in significant effort to ensure that. However, organisations need to provide opportunities for employees to advance, which in our study shows employees defining advancement as a preference for acquiring new skills, achieving higher status and increasing compensation; to effectively retain their employees," continued Nath.

Engagement levels in Malaysia remain strong, compared to global levels

In addition to career development, effective leadership also plays an important role in engaging and retaining employees. The study shows that the economic downturn did not adversely affect the level of employee engagement in Malaysia. In fact, most Malaysian companies recognise the importance of employee engagement and have moved forward to close the engagement gap. 28% of the Malaysian workforce is engaged, compared to a global figure of 21%.

The higher engagement level is an encouraging indication as engaged employees are less likely to leave their jobs, with the results showing that 41% of engaged employees in Malaysia has no plans to leave, compared to 27% of the overall Malaysia results.

"The impact of the recession on the business should not be used as an excuse to deviate focus from engagement, as there is a risk of talent leaving the organisation once the recession completely lifts, which could affect business performance," Nath continued.

Wanted – Leaders with strong interpersonal sensitivities

Whilst career development is important in engaging and retaining Malaysian employees, leadership also plays a key role in communicating the organization’s values, goals and objectives. Besides demonstrating leadership skills on business and financial management, Malaysian employees need senior leaders to care about their well being, encourage the development of talent in the organization and to be trustworthy.

Only 56% of the respondents believe that their senior leaders have a sincere interest in their satisfaction and well-being, and only 60% agree that their senior leaders currently demonstrate trustworthiness.

In organizations where leaders are perceived to be effective, only 14% of employees are seeking new employment. On the contrary, when leaders are seen to be ineffective, 28% of employees are either actively looking for another job or have already made plans to leave their current job.

Taking these findings into account, Malaysian organizations could be optimistic of the year ahead, due to the relatively high engagement level in the workforce, which impacts the sustainability of business outcomes.

"However, as the economy continues to recover, it is imperative for businesses to focus on engaging their talent and address the gap on career advancement and leadership in order to ensure higher productivity and profitability of their organizations" commented Nath.

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Insights from Towers Watson 2010 Global Workforce Study

The Towers Watson 2010 Global Workforce Study covers more than 20,000 full-time employees of large and midsize organizations in 22 markets around the world (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US) and was fielded by 3rd party vendor via online questionaire between November 2009 and January 2010.

The report was published in April 2010, and claimed to be the most comprehensive analysis of the post-recession employee mindset available today.


This 24-pages report titled "The New Employment Deal - How Far, How Fast and How Enduring?" which you can download for free after registering with them by clicking here, opined that the recession has accelerated the demise of the traditional employment contract, or "deal", between employees and employers. The Study reveals a recession-weary workforce -- one with lower expectations, increased anxiety and new priorities.

3 themes emerge from the Study as follow:
  • Recession has driven a final wedge into the social contract, or "deal", that has traditionally underpinned the employment relationship.
  • There is a gap between what employees want and expect from this shifting relationship, and what employers can affort to deliver in a highly competitive business climate.
  • Organizations have a unique opportunity to define a new and more sustainable employment deal with their employees, which include fostering towards "self-reliance".
"Few employers will be able to compete effectively in the current environment without policies and practices that recognize and allow for differences in employees' roles, skills and performance, as well as their interests, expectations and needs."

Interested to know more details? Just use the link above to get the 24-pages report for free.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

All eyes on World Expo 2010 Shanghai China

It is about 2 years after China successfully organized the Olympics 2008 in Beijing, now all the eyes are attracted to China again with another worldwide event - Expo 2010 Shanghai China (中国2010年上海世界博览会).

With the theme of "Better City – Better Life", this Expo officially started today 1 May 2010, and will continue on for half a year until 31 October 2010. The venue is on both banks of the Huangpu River (黄浦江) in the city of Shanghai, covering a waterfront area of 5.28 kilometer square.

This Expo has made (or targetted to make) several world records, including:
  • The 1st Expo held in a developing country.
  • The largest world's fair site ever at 5.28 kilometer square.
  • The most expensive Expo in the history of the world's fairs.
  • The most participated Expo from 192 countries and 50 international organizations.
  • Targetted for the largest crowd of visitors of more than 70 million people.
  • The Expo Axis is the world largest membrane construction with a surface of 65,000 meter square in total.
There are 5 zones (from A to E) and 5 themed pavillions in Expo 2010, namely:
  • Urbanian Pavilion
  • Pavilion of City Being
  • Pavilion of Urban Planet
  • Pavilion of Footprint
  • Pavilion of Future
The Expo logo is a Chinese character "世" (means "World") modified to projects the image of 3 people -- you, me and him/her -- throwing arms around each other.

The mascot of this Expo is named as HaiBao (海宝), which means the treasure of the sea. It is created from the Chinese character "人" which means "people".

To recap, the 1st Expo was held in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, Great Britain in 1851. Since then, this Expo has been taken place from city to city around the world, and has evolved through 3 distinguish eras:
  • Industrialization (1851–1938) - focused on trade and famous for the display of technological inventions and advancements.
  • Cultural exchange (1939–1987) - based on a specific theme of cultural significance, and began to address issues of humankind.
  • Nation branding (1988–present) - used by countries as a platform to improve their national images through their pavilions.

Hint: Click on the "Older Posts" link to continue reading, or click here for a listing of all my past 3 months articles.