Monday, October 31, 2022

Now you can check your Malaysian GE-15 actual polling location, channel and serial number online through MySPRSemak

Earlier on, all Malaysian citizens who are eligible to vote in the General Election (all citizens of age 18 years old and above should be automatically registered in the current system) can check for their election voter registration status online in MySPRSemark which is available in the form of:

Now, additional information is already available in the same MySPRSemak online, which includes:
  • Actual polling location (usually, a nearby school or community hall)
  • Voting channel
  • Serial number in the registration book
  • Date and time of the 15th General Election (GE-15) of Malaysia
  • Suggested time to go to the polling location to cast your vote

Eligible voters are advised to record down your voting channel and serial number to facilitate faster checking process in the polling location during the GE-15 day, either in your handphone or on a piece of paper, and also don't forget to bring along your MyKad to collect your voting tickets.

For the states that are having national and state general elections on the same day, you will get 2 voting tickets in different colour, one for national GE and another for state GE.

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