Friday, October 18, 2019

Car seat gap filler pad

Have you ever dropped small items such as coins, payment card, handphone, power bank, key, pen, paper, snacks, etc. through the gap between your front car seats and the center console?

Searching and retrieving for such small items underneath your car seat is a mess. What if you are still driving?

The car seat gap filler pad is a brilliant innovation to use soft material padding to fill up the gap, therefore preventing such small items from falling into the gap again.

It is pretty simple in design, very easy and straightforward to install.

When you purchase the car seat gap filler pad, choose the longer one (48cm or more) with elegant PU leather surface. It costs around RM10 each. Normally you need two, one for the driver side, and another for the front passenger side.

This is how they looks like after installation in my car.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Comparing Amaron Go / Hi-Life / Pro car batteries of NS40 NS60 NS70

We learnt about how to choose a better maintenance free car battery earlier on, and understood the various terms such as:

  • Size
  • Performance rating
  • Amp Hour (AH) value
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) value
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
With the above knowledge, now we can compare the Amaron brand car batteries, with additional information such as their respective warranty period and indicative price.

Amaron batteries sold in Malaysia are divided into 3 series: Go (economy), Hi-Life (world-renowned) and Hi-Life Pro (ultimate).

Their differences in terms of AH, RC, CCA, weight, warranty period and price are shown in the tables below.

Amaron NS40 batteries:

Amaron NS60 batteries:

Amaron NS70 batteries:

The 3 tables above are courtesy from Big

In general, if there is sufficient space in the battery compartment of your car, and your car is using an NS40 battery, it can be upgraded to NS60 battery. The same goes for cars that are using NS60 battery to upgrade to NS70 battery.

Normally, upgrading to a larger size battery will give you better AH, RC and CCA values, in exchange for heavier weight and more expensive price.

However, for the case of Amaron brand of battery, you need to also look into the different series of the battery as well. For example, the Amaron NS40 Hi-Life series is comparable to the Amaron NS60 Go series, with identical RC value and much better CCA value.

Anyhow, upgrading from Amaron NS40 to NS60, or from Amaron NS60 to NS70, of the same series (eg. NS40 Hi-Life to NS-60 Hi-Life) will give you improvement in all the AH, RC and CCA values, and the price difference between NS40 and NS60 of the same series is not much.

Hope that this piece of information is able to help you to make up your mind with which model specs of battery you want to choose the next time you want to change your car battery, and you've decided to go after the Amaron brand.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Boost free personal accident insurance coverage for bill payment protection

Shortly after Touch n Go e-wallet launched their free personal accident insurance campaign, now Boost e-wallet also introduces a free personal accident insurance coverage for their users, namely the Bill Payment Protection.

You can find it inside the Boost mobile app, under Do more > Bill Payments section.

You will need to enroll for this Bill Payment Protection insurance coverage by provide your personal detail in the enrolment online form after tapping on the Bill Protection menu item as shown above.

Upon successful enrolment, you will receive a confirmation email similar to the one as shown below.

This free personal accident insurance coverage is linked to your bill payments made with Boost using the Do more > Bill Payments > Pay Bills function, including repaying your PTPTN education loan or top-up SSPN-i education fund with Boost.

This insurance is underwritten by Lonpac Insurance Berhad. If you have enrolled for this insurance and have made bill payments of at least RM100 via the Boost app during a calendar month, you will be covered for one month Bill Payment Protection with up to RM1000 sum insured due to Accidental Death, up to RM2000 due to Permanent Disablement, and up to RM1000 hospitalization allowance for accident caused treatment.

The insurance coverage will take effect for 1 month, beginning on the next month after the RM100 Boost spending on bill payments is fulfilled.

You can claim for this insurance in parallel with your other personal insurance coverage. All benefits are paid in addition to and regardless of any other insurance policies you may have.

To enjoy for this insurance benefit, your age must be between 16 to 80.

There are 4 attachments in the confirmation email, which will inform you clearly about this insurance scheme, and how to make the claim. The attachments are:
  • Bill Payment Protection Policy
  • Bill Payment Protection FAQ
  • Claim Procedure
  • Claim Form
If you are a Boost e-wallet user, this is something free and nice to have.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Free 3 months Unifi with Pay Nothing year end promotion

Currently TM Unifi is running a Pay Nothing promotion targeted to both new and existing Unifi high-speed broadband users, which waives the monthly subscription fee until 31 December 2019.

For new users, all you need to do is subscribe to new Unifi Home or Unifi Biz Internet service from the list below:
  • Unifi 30Mbps unlimited @ RM89/month
  • Unifi 50Mbps unlimited @ RM99/month
  • Unifi 100Mbps @ RM129/month
  • Unifi 30Mbps VDSL @ RM139/month
  • Unifi 100Mbos + TV bundle @ RM159/month
  • Unifi 300Mbps @ RM199/month
  • Unifi Biz Pro 100Mbps @ RM139/month
  • Unifi Biz 300Mbps turbo @ RM249/month
  • Unifi Biz 500Mbps turbo @ RM299/month
  • Unifi Biz 800Mbps turbo @ RM349/month
and you will be able to enjoy your package fee waiver until 31 December 2019. At the most, you will get fee waiver for 3 months consecutively (October, November and December).

For existing users with no outstanding bill payment, all you need to do is to have a new 24 months contract with TM Unifi to enjoy the Pay Nothing year end promotion. You can opt to either:
  • remain with your existing plan
  • upgrade your plan with a new one from the list above
  • downgrade your plan with a new one from the list above
It is advisable for existing users who are enjoying special discount or special package benefit in their existing Unifi subscription to think carefully before opting to change their existing plan, because their current plan could be more attractive than the new plans available.

If you join the promotion and choose to stay with your existing plan, then your plan and price will stay the same as it is, but the contract period will be extended for another 24 months. Upon approval from TM, you will start enjoying the Pay Nothing period until 31 December 2019.  At the most, you will get fee waiver for 3 months consecutively (October, November and December).

Note that the Pay Nothing fee waiver is applicable to your base Unifi subscription plan only. If there is any one time charge or pay-per-use service such as Video On Demand, etc. in your monthly bill, those additional items are still chargeable.

You can apply to join in for this Pay Nothing year end promotion through Unifi website or MyUnifi mobile app. Existing users who do not want to be restricted by the new 24 months contract period can just ignore this promotion and need to do nothing.

You can visit to this webpage for more official information about this promotion from TM Unifi.

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