Friday, October 30, 2009

Are you willing to buy Maxis IPO for RM5.20 at PE 17?

Maxis, after privatized and delisted for some times, is coming back to KLSE again with a new IPO.

According to the latest news, they will not be issuing new shares, but will offer 2.25 billion shares, representing 30% of its existing share capital. The estimated IPO price is RM5.20 per share.

With this information, let's do some calculation.

The total shares of Maxis is 2.25 billion / 30% = 7.5 billion.

For your information, Maxis made a revenue of RM8.45 billion and net profit of RM2.4 billion in 2008. For the 1st half year of 2009, revenue is RM4.24 billion and net profit is RM1.14 billion.

Let's estimate the EPS of Maxis now.

I'll estimate the net profit with the following simple guessing formula:

Multiply the half year net profit of 2009 by 2 to get a full year figure.

1.14 x 2 = 2.28

With this, the EPS will be 2.28/7.5 = 0.304

If the IPO price is 5.20, then the PE will be 5.2/0.304 = 17.11

Maxis stated that they plan to give back 75% of net profit as dividend. So the dividend will be around 0.304 x 75% = 0.228.

And the estimated DY will then be 0.228/5.20 = 4.38%

So, are you willing to buy Maxis IPO at the PE of around 17?

I think they come out with the proposed IPO price by referencing to Digi (6947), which currently has a PE of around 15.

Currently, even Digi doesn't seem attractive to me, so why should I buy Maxis at a higher PE and lower DY? This IPO is not attractive to me from the fundamental perspective.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for sharing of point of view only. It is not an advice or recommendation to buy or sell any of the mentioned stock counters. You should do your own homework before trading in Bursa Malaysia.

Software update to v2.80 available for Sing/Mal version of Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w

The new software version 2.80 is now available for Sing/Mal version of Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w.

This version will:

  • Synchronize to English v5.30
  • Update GPS firmware to v3.90
Here are the steps I have taken to successfully updated my Nuvi 255w.

Download the installation file from Garmin's website (link provided at the end of this article). The filename is nuvi255W_SG_v280.exe with the size of 10,672kb.

Remove the SD card (that I use to store additional maps) from the GPS slot.

Connect the GPS to my computer with USB cable and access to its storage.

Rename the file /Garmin/GPX/Current.gpx to /Garmin/GPX/temp.gpx. During the update process, a new Current.gpx file will be created and data in this temp.gpx will be restored to the new Current.gpx. If this step is not taken, you might lost your saved waypoints and/or favourites.

Delete these 3 files from /Garmin/Voice folder:
  • English_American_Jack.vpm
  • English_Australian_Karen.vpm
  • English_British_Daniel.vpm
Don't worry, they'll be replaced with new version of voice files during the update process.

Run the nuvi255W_SG_v280.exe from the computer. It will copy over some files to the GPS.

Safely unplug the USB cable and let the GPS reboot by itself. You will see the message of "Software loading..." on the screen of the GPS while it is performing the update.

In less than a minute, the GPS will automatically reboot itself after the update is completed.

Now the GPS is loaded with new software v2.80 (successfully updated from the previous v2.70).

Quite disappointedly, there is still no ecoRoute feature in this v2.80 of Nuvi software for Sing/Mal 205/205w/255w units.

Click here to download the installation file for Garmin Nuvi 205/205w/255w Sing/Mal v2.80 software.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paypal now allows withdrawal of money directly to Malaysia bank account

Good new for Malaysian Paypal users!

Now you can withdraw your money from Paypal directly to your bank account in Malaysia.

Withdrawal is free of charge if the amount is above RM400. Else RM3 is chargeable.

Banks which can accept money transfer from Paypal are:

  • Affin Bank (PHBMMYKL)
  • Alliance Bank (MFBBMYKL)
  • Ambank (ARBKMYKL)
  • Bank Islam (BIMBMYKL)
  • Bank Kerjasama Rakyat (BKRMMYK1)
  • Bank Muamalat (BMMBMYKL)
  • Bank of America (BOFAMY2X)
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSNAMYK1)
  • Citibank (CITIMYKL)
  • Deustche Bank (DEUTMYKL)
  • Hong Leong Bank (HLBBMYKL)
  • Maybank (MBBEMYKL)
  • Public Bank (PBBEMYKL)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCBLMYKX)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (ABNAMYKL)
The 8 characters code in bracket is the MEPS bank routing code which you need to provide during withdrawal from Paypal. You will also need to provide your bank account number too.

The withdrawal will normally take 2-3 days of processing.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What would you do with 10 million dollar?

This question "What would you do with 10 million dollar?" stroke my mind when it flashed out from the presentation slide of David Axmark during his talk about “Persevering in a FOSS business valued at USD$1 billion” in 2009 conference.

David Axmark is the co-founder of MySQL, the great database management system in used by many websites and applications nowadays. Somebody asked him this question few years back, before MySQL was sold to Sun Microsystems for US$1 billion.

David Axmark told us, by the time he was asked the question, he had no idea, though he sensed the investor might expect the answer something like "grow it to 100 million or more".

So, if you were asked the same question, what would be your answer?

Some of the possible answers might be...

  • Employee: retire immediately and enjoy your life
  • Businessman: grow it to 100 million or more
  • Investor: possibly the same answer as businessman above
  • Kind person: charity and social welfare, eg. build a school, setup a charity fund, help the unfortunate, etc...
  • Traveller: go around the world, take a lot of pictures and videos, then produce books, films, etc. to share with the whole world about your discoveries
  • Scientist: fund research to bring a better life to mankind
  • Environmentalist: fund for activities to save the mother earth!
  • Politician: fund for contesting in election
  • Movie director: well, that's probably not enough to make a great movie. Too bad.
  • many many more possibilities of answer (put in my comment page if you are generous to share with my readers...)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keynote speech of Richard Stallman in about free software movement

Today is the 2nd day of 2009, a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) conference organized and supported by grassroot communities in Malaysia, and the high tide being Richard Stallman's keynote speech about free software movement of more than 2 hours, right before the delayed lunch.

Well, the lunch time was delayed due to a slight delay on the keynote speech, and more importantly was mainly caused by overwhelming Q&A with some strong debates.

During this session, all the seats in the big lecture room in APIIT were full, and there are people standing around. Several hundred audiences attended his talk today.

For those who still wondering who is Richard Stallman, well, a.k.a. RMS, he is an American software freedom activist and the founder of GNU Project as well as Free Software Foundation. He is the first person who talked about software freedom back in the 80's, and also the first person who put it in action to bring the free GNU operating system to us.

If not of his great philosophy and numerous hard work, the history might changed and, the subsequent emergence of Linux kernel and numerous free and libre software might not be going as far as today.

RMS is very humerous. Guess what he wore on his head? (Hint: it is an IT product, probably obsoleted by today.) However, when come to his principal of software freedom, we see the very strong perseverance, no ambiquity, never compromise side of him.

RMS strongly disagreed some of the terms imposed by proprietary software vendors, such as "piracy". He said "piracy" is about attacking ships which is very bad, but copying and sharing software with friends is of no way be valued to compare with the act of attacking ships. We should be given freedom and encouraged to do so, for the good of the entire society.

RMS has reemphasized his philosophy on free software in his speech. He believes that free software is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. More precisely, it means that the program's users have the four essential freedoms:

  • The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbour.
  • The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits.
RMS also differentiates clearly free software movement from open source movement, and he strongly against being labeled as the "father of open source". He said free software value things from ethical perspective, while the open source is a practical movement which might compromised his philosophy.

Perhaps not all of us agree with RMS' free software philosophy in 100%, but his speech did stir up our mind to think more in-depth about our freedom in software. We need great warrior like him to keep us awake about our rights and freedom that we should pursuit for.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comparing MalFreeMaps, MalSingMaps and City Navigator (which one is better?)

Today I'm going to compare among the map of MalFreeMaps (MFM), MalSingMaps (MSM) and City Navigator (CN) by viewing exactly the same location with the same detail setup. Then it is very obvious to immediately figure out which one is better.

Maps used for comparison (click to enlarge them):
  • MFM 091019
  • MSM NT 2009.30
  • CN Southeastern Asia NT 4.50
The order of the maps below will always be MFM, MSM then CN. Here we go!

First we go and take a look around Mid Valley Megamall.

Then we go to smaller place, like Teluk Intan.

How about Melaka?

Lastly, we look at higher place, such as Cameron Highlands.

Now, do you agree with me on the following?

  • MFM and MSM have far more POIs than CN.

  • MFM has more beautiful map than the other two.

  • MFM uses better and more precise icons to display the POIs.

  • MFM has more detail lane coverage, especially in smaller town such as Teluk Intan.
So you should know who is the winner.

Monday, October 19, 2009

2LoveMyLips detector kit helps protect gals from drink spiking date rape

Gals, you have started your dating night looking gorgeous dressed, but you have to watch your drink at all times!

There have been an increasing number of victims to spiked drinks and abuse. As such, the British lippy company 2LoveMyLips has come out with idea to attach a drug detector kit together with their lipgloss products.

The detector kit is to be used when gals are suspicious about their drink. It contains test stripes which can detect Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) and/or Ketamine. The stripe will turn dark blue upon detection of such colourless and odourless drugs in your drink, alarming you about the risk.

Click here to download the 2LoveMyLips Drink Safe & Stay In Control Guide.

Click here for more information about date-rape drugs.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cast your vote for the 8th Asia Business Leaders Awards (ABLA)

CNBC is letting us to vote for our CEO of choice from the list of 12 nominees of excellent business leaders in Asia. The vote is opened now until 23 October 2009.

The business leader with the most votes wins the Asia Viewers’ Choice Award that will be announced at this year’s 8th Asia Business Leaders Awards on 26 November 2009 at Grand Ballroom of Capella Singapore.

The 12 nominees are:

  • Mr. Adirek Sripratak, President & CEO, Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL
  • Mr. Dean Lao Jr., Managing Director, Chemrez Technologies Inc.
  • Mr. Zhou Jichang, Chairman of Board of Directors, China Communications Construction Co.
  • Mr. Frank Gaoning Ning, Chairman, COFCO Corporation
  • Mr. Johan Dennelind, Chief Executive Officer, DiGi.Com Bhd
  • Mr. Shiv Nadar, Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Technologies Ltd
  • Mr. Peter Bahn-Suk Kim, Vice Chairman & CEO, LG Chem, Ltd
  • Mr. Hiroshi Nagase, President & CEO, NAGASE & Co., Ltd
  • Mr. Sunny George Verghese, Group Managing Director & CEO, Olam International Limited
  • Mr. Tang Kin Fei, Group President & CEO, Sembcorp Industries Ltd
  • Mr. Tan Pheng Hock, President & CEO, ST Engineering
  • Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, CBE, Managing Director, YTL Corporation Berhad

Click here for more information and to cast your vote for the 8th Asia Business Leaders Awards.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oracle Magazine presented Editors Choice Awards 2009

It has come to the 8th year for the editors of Oracle Magazine to present the Editors’ Choice Awards to people who exemplify leadership, vision, and dedication in working with and managing Oracle technology.

And the winners for year 2009 are:

  • João Cumerlato from Odebrecht Group, Brazil - CIO of the Year (Latin America)
  • Andy Platt from The J.M. Smucker Company, Ohio - CIO of the Year (North America)
  • Hyojoong Kim from STX Group and ForceTEC, Korea - CIO of the Year (Asia Pacific)
  • Giovanni Chiarelli from Telecom Italia Group, Italy - CIO of the Year (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)
  • Hideo Higuchi from Omron, Japan - CIO of the Year (Japan)
  • Katherine M. Tamer from United Space Alliance, Texas - CTO of the Year
  • Angelo Romano from Office of the Comptroller, Connecticut - IT Manager of the Year
  • Jake Ruttenberg from Starbucks Coffee Company, Washington - Data Warehouse Architect of the Year
  • Zachary Sherburne from Black & Decker, California - Performance Management/Business Intelligence Architect of the Year
  • Martin Buechi from Avaloq, Switzerland - PL/SQL Developer of the Year
  • Jerry Aber from MoneyGram, Minnesota - Content Management Architect of the Year
  • Kari Branjord from University of Colorado, Colorado - Applications Implementer of the Year
  • Hüsnü Sensoy from Turkcell, Turkey - DBA of the Year
  • Kelly Tuggle from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas - SOA Architect of the Year
  • Tim Frazier from National Ignition Facility/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California - Enterprise Architect of the Year
  • John Turato from Avis Budget Group, New Jersey - Oracle Grid Architect of the Year
  • Raimonds Simanovskis from TietoEnator Alise, Latvia - Developer of the Year
  • Brenda Hughes from Cisco Systems, California - Security Architect of the Year
  • Jennifer Briscoe from Collect America, Colorado - Oracle Fusion Middleware Early Adopter of the Year
  • Edwin Biemond from Whitehorses, the Netherlands - Java Developer of the Year
  • Chris Muir from SAGE Computing Services, Australia - Oracle ACE Director of the Year
  • David Jones, Gerry Hanifan & Arnaud Benjacar from Irish Life Investment Managers, Ireland - Oracle Fusion Middleware Architects of the Year
  • Naveen Garg from Colorcon, Pennsylvania - Oracle Enterprise Manager Architect of the Year
  • Ross Sharman from Knowledge Global, Australia - Green IT Architect of the Year
  • Dimitri Gielis from Apex Evangelists, Belgium - Oracle Application Express Developer of the Year
  • Patricia Dues from City of Las Vegas, Nevada - User Group Evangelist of the Year
  • Ray Fasullo from Telcordia Technologies, New Jersey - Embedded Architect of the Year

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Using GMapTool with cGPSmapper to convert finalized gmapsupp.img back to MapSource maps

We talked about using GMapTool to combine multiple maps into one mapset file for Garmin GPS earlier on. This article is about the reverse, which is to split the combined mapset file back to the original files which can be opened with Garmin MapSource application.


Firstly, you need to create a new directory in your computer to store the generated files (output of this conversion process). In the example here, I'll create C:\Garmin\MalSingMaps.

Under the Files section of GMapTool, select the mapset file by clicking on Add Files.

Then, you must specify the full path of your installed cGPSmapper in the Options section.
Continue to the Split section.Click the Directory button and select the new directory you've just created. Make sure you choose to create files for MapSource. You might also want to compile the preview map.

Click the "Split all" button when you are done. Make sure there is no error and the process completed successfully with a "Done!" message.

To install the map for MapSource, run the install.bat script in the output directory.

Now you should be able to open the map in MapSource.
If the map is locked, you need to unlock it by saving the unlock code in MapSource before you are able to see the map. You can do so by going to Utilities > Manage Map Products > Unlock Regions. Click the Add button and paste in your unlock code for the map.

You might be interested to also read about:

The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Awards 2009

The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Award ranks the best property players in the country, from the consumer’s perspective for both their quantitative and qualitative attributes.

The quantitative elements were the companies’ shareholders’ funds, revenue, pre-tax profit, gearing, and cash and cash equivalents for the fiscal year ended 2008.

The qualitative attributes include the quality of the product, innovation and creativity, value creation for buyers, image and expertise.

And the Top 30 ranking is:

  • Sime Darby Property Bhd
  • SP Setia Bhd
  • Sunway City Bhd
  • IGB Corp Bhd
  • Island & Peninsular Sdn Bhd
  • IOI Properties Bhd
  • Bandar Raya Developments Bhd
  • Eastern & Oriental Bhd
  • Sunrise Bhd
  • Bandar Utama City Corp Sdn Bhd
  • Gamuda Bhd - Prop Div
  • IJM Land Bhd
  • YTL Land & Devt Bhd
  • Paramount Corp Bhd
  • Selangor Dredging Bhd
  • Mah Sing Group Bhd
  • Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd
  • Selangor Properties Bhd
  • Dijaya Corporation Bhd
  • UEM Land Holdings Bhd
  • PJ Devt Holdings Bhd
  • WCT Land Sdn Bhd
  • Metro Kajang Holdings Bhd
  • Penitude Bhd
  • Naim Holdings Bhd
  • Malton Bhd
  • United Malayan Land Bhd
  • Hunza Properties Bhd
  • Segajuta (S) Sdn Bhd
  • Bolton Bhd
Is your house's developer among one of the Top 30 above?

For more information, please refer to the City & Country pullout of The Edge Weekly dated 12-Oct-2009.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The last lecture of late Dr. Randy Pausch about childhood dreams

I just learned about this last lecture of late Dr. Randy Pausch by chance, read through his amazing presentation slides and video on Youtube, and would like to share with you about his great talk delivered on 18 September 2007 in a lecture hall of Carnegie Mellon University.

Randy Pausch was a computer science professor and alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University. He got pancreatic cancer which took away his life at the age of 47 on 25 July 2008, 10 months after he delivered this last lecture.

The talk has been uploaded into the Internet and viewed by millions of people. A best-selling book titled "The Last Lecture" based on the lecture has also been published and translated in thirty over languages.

To date, his Last Lecture titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" is still giving great impacts to people around the world.
His talk was about his childhood dreams, how he overcome the barriers to realise his dreams (or at least getting close to it). He also talked about enabling the dreams of others, and some lessons learned.

He mentioned several times that "the brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people. Brick walls let us show our dedication."
Some of his important advice:
  • Be good at something: it makes you valuable
  • Work hard … “what’s your secret?”
  • Find the best in everybody; no matter how you have to wait for them to show it
  • Be prepared: “luck” is where preparation meets opportunity
He ended the talk by saying,"It’s not about how to achieve your dreams. It’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you."
Click here to download the presentation slide of The Last Lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch.

Click here to download the transcript of The Last Lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My ACM card wallet with money clip

Do you realize that nowadays we have to carry so many cards with us -- ATM cards, credit cards, member cards, petrol cards, discount cards, Touch 'n Go card, medical card, ... you name it.

I have been wondering is there a stylish and nice looking card wallet for me to keep my cards in my pocket, without cramping them into my money wallet, and I've found the patented ACM card wallet with money clip from the internet.

This Auto Card Manager (ACM) card wallet has a special compartment that can store up to 6 cards in a well organized manner. There is another model which can store up to 12 cards, but could be too bulky to carry in pant's pocket.

The cards can easily be slotted into the wallet. There is spacing between each of the cards, a feature said to be able to prevent card demagnetization, scratching and premature magnetic strip failure.

This is how it looks like with all the cards slotted in completely. Once slotted in, the cards are held firmly in the wallet and will not slide out by themselves. The cards are easily retrievable by pushing the button corresponding to their slot.

There is a money clip at the back of the ACM card wallet, which can be used to clip bank notes, receipts, name cards, etc.

And the money clip is easily detachable.

This ACM card wallet comes with 18 interchangeable button icons pads and a leather pouch. Its casing is made of metal meterial, which is pretty durable. Despite that, it only weighs about 90g with 6 cards installed.

Global Broadband Quality Study 2009 by Saïd Business School (of Oxford University) & University of Oviedo

Sponsored by Cisco and conducted by a team of MBA students from the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and also the University of Oviedo’s Department of Applied Economics, the 2nd annual global study on the quality of broadband connections has just been released on 30 September 2009.

The 1st groundbreaking Broadband Quality Study was published in September 2008 to highlight each country’s ability to benefit from next-generation web applications and services.

It was found that broadband quality is linked to a nation’s advancement as a knowledge economy and countries with broadband on their national agenda had the highest broadband quality. This year’s report covers an additional 24 countries to 66 and includes new analysis on broadband quality in more than 240 cities.

The study was based on approximately 24 million records sourced from actual broadband speed tests from (Ookla) for the target 66 countries during May 2008 and May to July 2009.

The research team concluded that broadband experience is mainly affected by broadband speeds in both directions, latency, network over-subscription, and packet loss. These parameters were grouped into 3 major categories: download and upload throughput, and latency.

The Broadband Quality Score (BQS) for each country was determined using a formula that weighted each category according to the quality requirements of a set of popular applications now and in the future as follow:

It is found that:

Overall average broadband quality increased across the globe, with global average download throughput increased by 49% to 4.75 Mbps, while global average upload throughput increased by 69% to 1.3 Mbps. The global average latency has decreased by 21% to 170 ms.

South Korea tops the 2009 Broadband Leadership table. Driven by continuous efforts by the government to strengthen the country’s position as one of the world’s ICT leaders, and combined with higher broadband penetration, South Korea rises above Japan (in the 2nd place now) in the global Broadband Leadership rankings.

The  Global Top 10 Broadband Leaders are:
  • 1. South Korea
  • 2. Japan
  • 3. Hong Kong
  • 4. Sweden
  • 5. Switzerland
  • 6. Netherlands
  • 7. Singapore
  • 8. Luxembourg
  • 9. Denmark
  • 10. Norway
Malaysia ranked 48 and China ranked 49 in this broadband leadership matrix. The United States ranked 15.

Click here to download the report of Global Broadband Quality Study 2009 sponsored by Cisco.

Facts and figures from EPF 2008 Annual Report

The EPF (a.k.a. KWSP) 2008 Annual Report reviews quite a lot of facts and figures. Here are some which might be of your interest.

As at 31 December 2008...

EPF’s total membership stood at 12.07 million members, of which 5.71 million of them are active members (members who continue to contribute). The population of Malaysia in 2008 (as recorded by Department of Statistics) was 27.73 million. From here, we can estimate that the workforce of Malaysia in 2008 was formed by about 20.6% of its population.

The amount of registered employer in 2008 was 441,820, of which 48,510 of them were new employers. Meanwhile 35,009 employers had cancelled their registration. From here, we can guess that about 10.98% of the employing companies are newcomers to the business world in Malaysia. However, there are also 35,009 employing companies closing their business in 2008.

The EPF dividend rate from 1952 to 2008 is charted as below.

This indicates that from year 2000 onwards until today, the EPF dividend rate has dipped below the average of 6%. The glory time of 1974-1999 when EPF dividend rate stayed above 6% had already gone for 10 years. When will it come back again?

Out of the 5.71 million active EPF members, 3.19 million of them are male, while 2.52 million of them are female. Their savings with EPF is shown as below.

From here, we can roughly guess that, male employees are generally having higher salary than female.

Most of the employees are in the 10,001-15,000 savings band (8.29% of male employees and 9.58% of female employees).

Less than 1% of the employees have RM500k and above savings in EPF. Only 5,575 males and 887 females (total to 6,462) have over RM1 million savings in EPF.

The average savings of the 53,022 active members at the age of 54 is RM132,539.78 (male: RM150,280.40; female: RM96,856.03).

Click here to download and read the complete EPF 2008 Annual Report to find out more.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Garmin South East Asia (SEA) Travel Guide Version 2.00

The freely downloadable Garmin South East Asia (SEA) Travel Guide Version 2.00 (百变东南亚) supports both Taiwan and Sing/Mal version of Garmin GPS navigators.

This travel guide covers 5 famous tourism attraction places, namely Angkor (吴哥), Bali (巴厘岛), Hong Kong (香港), Macau (澳门) and Singapore (新加坡).

You can download the Garmin South East Asia (SEA) Travel Guide Version 2.00 here, the filename is with size of 34,215kb.

There are 5 files inside the compressed

  • AngkorTravel.gpi
  • BaliTravel.gpi
  • HongKongTravel.gpi
  • MacauTravel.gpi
  • SingaporeTravel.gpi
You just need to connect your GPS navigator to your computer with USB cable, and unzip those 5 files into Garmin/POI folder of the GPS storage.

To access the travel guide, tap on Where to? > Travel Guide.
The travel guide will recommend you the places to visit, eat, stay and shop. Information such as address, phone number, brief description, opening time, and photo(s) are available for the point of interests (POI).

You can tap the photo on the upper left to enlarge it to full screen. Tap on More button to show more information about this POI in the travel guide.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New property website by The Edge

The Edge has just launched a new property website at with the tagline of "Everything property".

The website features news reports related to the property industry, as well as a wide array of differing topics for the property owner and investor taking advantage of the Internet’s global appeal. It looks pretty informative.

However, the registered username and password in The Edge Malaysia website cannot be used here. You have to register for a new account in this The Edge Property website in order to be able to post comments and enjoy some other priviledged features.

Hint: Click on the "Older Posts" link to continue reading, or click here for a listing of all my past 3 months articles.