Sunday, January 29, 2012

Car windscreen repair

In one sunny day, I discovered a long crack (slightly more than 1 feet) on the left hand side of my car's windscreen. To replace a new windscreen would probably cost above RM800, and after the replacement, I would need to reapply V-Kool which will probably cost another few hundreds. After some thought, I decided to get the windscreen repaired rather than replaced.

I called up a windscreen specialist called Mr. Raymond Fong, and he turned up at my home within 3 hours on the same day.

He covered the part to be repaired from direct sunlight with an umbrella, then carefully applied some sort of glass compound into the crack with his tools. After that, he removed the umbrella and make use of the ultraviolet light from the sun to dry out and harden the compound. The whole process took less than 1 hour, and the crack become a slight scar which is not easily seen. This repair also prevents the crack from widening further.

I was charged RM150 for the job, with official receipt and warranty. If you are also looking for car windscreen repair service, I recommend Raymond to you for his professional and quality service.

Checking the Selangor state Quit Rent payment status online

If you are having property in Selangor state, you can check the Quit Rent (Hasil Tanah) bill and payment status online at this website:

Just input the information of your property which are printed on your Quit Rent bill, and you can immediately check your account information, the address where your Quit Rent bill was sent to, the amount due, and your last payment detail.

This is particularly useful if you made your payment using online banking method, to ensure that the payment was successfully made and recorded. If you haven't received your Quit Rent bill, you can also check to which address the bill was sent to.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Kenwood KDC-U353R CD / MP3 / WMA player with USB and AUX input in my car

After some years of operation, the stock head unit of my Toyota Avanza is having problem pulling in the CD, and I planned to replace it since several months ago.

I don't have high demand in car audio, and don't want to spend too much on it. However, I do have basic demand, which the quality of most of the China made brands not meeting my expectation. Therefore, I go for mid-range, and finally installed Kenwood KDC-U353R in my car.

This seems to be a new 2012 model, and cost me RM250.

Function wise, it meets my requirement to listen to radio and to play CD audio / MP3 / WMA with CD / CDR / CDRW or USB drive. In fact, this unit comes with a free 4GB USB Pendrive which can store several hundred MP3 files. I think this unit is unable to play AAC M4A file, which is something nice to have, but not a big deal if it doesn't have.

It also comes with a small remote control, a nice gadget for passengers in 2nd or 3rd row seat to take control of it.

Like most of Kenwood head unit, its faceplate is removable (so called Theft Deterrent Faceplate - TDF) and there is a special casing to keep the removed faceplate. Taking out and putting on the faceplate is pretty easy. However, there will be occasion to accidentally pressed the Eject button and cause the faceplate to come out from the panel, even if we don't mean so.

The Kenwood KDC-U353R head unit looks elegant at night, with red backlight and blue LED display. The brightness of the blue LED display can be adjusted in its function setting.

Radio reception is very good, better than the stock HU of Toyota Avanza 1.5G. The radio is still clear in some rural area where previously the stock unit will produce a lot of hissing sound.

Its sound quality is better than the stock HU too (this is as expected from Kenwood product). It works well with the stock speakers in Toyota Avanza, and I have added 2 tweeters in front to get more treble, especially when listening to radio.

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