Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A short trip to French village, Bukit Tinggi Bentong (Berjaya Hills)

My family has made a short trip to the French village located at Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang (a.k.a. Berjaya Hills), which is near to Genting Highlands and Janda Baik.

The French village is located uphill, quite some distance away from the junction linked to Karak Highway. The road condition is worse than that of Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands. Fortunately, there is not much car on the road.

Before entering the premise, we need to pay RM12 per adult and RM8 per child, which I think is a bit expensive.

There are 2 hotels over there, namely The Chateau and Colmar Tropicale. The accommodation price is pretty expensive. Unless you want to enjoy the calm and silentness of Berjaya Hills, otherwise you will most likely find boring staying there.

During our visit, Samsung was having some team building event there, so we can see some crowd. Otherwise, I think the staff over there will easily outnumber the tourist.

Bukit Tinggi is a good place for photo taking, especially for marriage couples. It has nice scenes, and some good looking swans at the lake near the village entrance too.

The French village is actually quite small, takes less than an hour to visit. Beside the Colmar Tropicale hotels, there are some western restaurants selling food at high price, some souvenir shops, a video game center, and SPA center.

There is a Japanese garden nearby, with waterfall, a koi pond, and some Japanese huts. Japanese traditional costumes are available for photo shooting rent in the bigger hut there. There suppose to have a Japanese restaurant, but we couldn't find it.

My overall comment: Bukit Tinggi is not too bad for scenic visit, but it can be much better than what it is now. It has good "hardware" but lack of "software" to make it attractive.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Edge giving away iPad Mini 16G or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 3-year subscription bundle

From now until 31 August 2013, you can get the following at the price of as low as RM1413.60 (with CIMB credit card, option for 12-month 0% interest EPP easy payment plan):

  • 3 years subscription of The Edge Malaysia (printed + 3 digital access)
  • 3 years subscription of The Edge Singapore (1 digital access)
  • 3 years subscription of The Edge Review (1 digital access)
  • iPad Mini 16G WiFi & cellular or Samsung Galaxy Note 8
This deal looks attractive if you have intention to buy the iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as RM1413.60 alone is an attractive price to get the phablet with credit card payment and 12-month interest free instalment. Now, on top of that, you can get 3 years subscription of 3 weekly papers from The Edge.

This deal is also attractive if you do not have intention to own the phablet. If you manage to sell it out, your 3 years subscription of the 3 weekly papers will be free or almost free of charge to you. In addition, you can get a pretty good cashflow, as you only need to pay the RM1413.60 over a 12 month period, but you can collect the full cash once you sell out the phablet.

Click here for more information about The Edge collection deal.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Garmin releases MalFreeMaps 2013.20 and MalSingMaps 2013.20. Now MalFreeMaps lane assist feature is available.

About 2 weeks ago, Garmin released Navteq City Navigator SG/MY NT 2013.20 map update. Now, the MalFreeMaps 2013.20 and MalSingMaps NT 2013.20 are also made available for free download.

The long anticipated Lane Assist feature is finally available in this new release of MalFreeMaps 2013.20 now.

Click here to download the installation file of MalFreeMaps 2013.20 and MalSingMaps 2013.20 from Garmin server.

If you have moved the MalFreeMaps and/or MalSingMaps map files from Garmin Nuvi 2565LM internal storage to microSD card, you have to do it again, because the installer from Garmin will respectively install the new MalFreeMaps and MalSingMaps into the GPS internal storage memory.

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