Monday, July 14, 2008

25 days to go for Beijing 2008 Olympics

I believe most of us are aware that the Beijing 2008 Olympics (a.k.a. Games of the XXIX Olympiad) will be held from 8-24 August 2008. It is now only 25 days more to go.

The theme is this international multi-sport event is as below:

"One World One Dream" expresses the common wishes of people all over the world, inspired by the Olympic ideals, to strive for a bright future of Mankind. In spite of the differences in colours, languages and races, we share the charm and joy of the Olympic Games, and together we seek for the ideal of Mankind for peace.

The 5 official mascots of the event, Fuwa embody the natural characteristics of 4 of China's most popular animals -- the Fish (Beibei), the Panda (Jingjing), the Tibetan Antelope (Yingying), the Swallow (Nini) -- and the Olympic Flame (Huanhuan).

When you put their names together -- Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni -- they say "Welcome to Beijing," offering a warm invitation that reflects the mission of Fuwa as young ambassadors for the Olympic Games.

Wishes all the best to Beijing and all the athletes, may the force be with you!


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