Friday, February 6, 2009

Top 5 trends in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers today have changed. Thanks to the emergence of various internet and web technologies, they have access to more information. Also, the recent global economic situation has made spending to be more cautious.

It is predicted that the following trends will accelerate or begin to emerge.

1. Companies will begin to break free from old habits
The companies are seeking to communicate with customers through channels that facilitate engagement and personalization with new marketing channels. The shift of power from corporations to buyers is intensified. Marketing needs to change the strategy to be more collaborative.

2. Interactive marketing will emerge as the dominant marketing discipline
This will engage the customers and prospects in a cross-channel dialogue that builds on their past and current behaviour.

3. Companies will renew efforts to increase customer awareness
They need to find ways to listen and understand more from the customers.

4. Customer decision making will be centralized to drive the dialogue
A centralized decision-making capability that can facilitate dialogue across outbound and inbound, also online and offline marketing channels, is needed.

5. Companies will restructure in order to aid cross-channel execution
More skill sets are required for interactive marketing. Companies need to be more creative, analytical, technical savvy and process focused.

* The above top 5 trends in CRM is referenced from an article written by Elana Anderson in the Baseline Magazine.


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I think items 1-3 are already emerging with some of the businesses. These are the businesses that see the Internet as a tool and not simply a collection of websites. They are not afraid to navigate the new "frontier" and have a head start on their competitions. As the younger generations move higher up in the executive ladders, we will see more companies embracing the power of the Internet superhighway.

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