Friday, January 8, 2010

Expenses to enroll a kid in Montessori pre-school in Klang Valley

My kid is now attending a nearby half-day Montessori pre-school this year, and here are the expenses we've spent so far:

  • Registration: RM60
  • 2 x uniform + 2 x sports wear: RM180
  • Insurance: RM20 / year
  • Kids Gazette: RM20 / year
  • Misc. fees: RM550 / year
  • Personal reading books (3 languages): RM30
  • School bag: RM50
  • 2-way transportation by MPV: RM90 / month
  • Monthly fee: RM230 (need to pay 2 months during enrolment = RM460)
Total spent during enrolment = RM1,460
Subsequent months = RM320

The pre-school education is really very expensive in Klang Valley, and parents need to spend a lot during enrolment and for each subsequent months.

We've decided to let our kid attend the Montessori pre-school programme so that he can learn and master the 3 neccessary languages commonly used in Malaysia: English, Chinese and Malay. At the same time, it provides opportunity for him to play around with classmates from different ethics of Chinese, Indian and Malay.

Therefore, although the pre-school education is really very expensive, we still have to spend it.

PS: We feel sad that there are still some political gaffes trying to separate people from different ethics and/or religions who live in this same piece of land for so many years, and we really hope that our current and next generation can mix and unite together as Malaysian. Those political gaffes who like to create issue and tension should feel shameful to see the little boys and girls of young age can befriend and play around with each other without separation of ethics or religion.


nebular said... Reply To This Comment

It is one of the best, I sent my daughter last year. It is very expensive, but make sure your kids can read after the first year.

Tiffany said... Reply To This Comment

In deed, it is a really multi-everything country that u are not even sure what is right or wrong for ur child.

Nikel Khor said... Reply To This Comment

is too expensive for a kids nowadsy

Nikel Khor

thephantom2 said... Reply To This Comment

I sent my 5 year old daughter to kindergarten this year. Registration fee is RM 50, Montessori Apparatus & Exercise book fees RM 120, Art & Craft fee RM 100, Insurance RM 15, computer fee RM 100, 2 sets of uniform RM 60, one set of T-shirt RM 22, one way transportation fee RM 50, school fees is RM 225/month but have to pay 2 months school fees when did the registration. Total RM 967.

thephantom2 said... Reply To This Comment

My friend sent her 5 year old daughter to a much cheaper kindergarten in Taman Sri Sinar (near Segambut area). Registration fee RM 50 (inclusive of registration fee, insurance and 2 sets of uniform & 1 set of P.E. T-shirt). Need to place RM 350 deposit which is refundable at the end of year when school ends. Monthly school fee is RM 250. In total she pays RM 650 in which RM 350 is refundable. She personally sends her daughter to school.

thephantom2 said... Reply To This Comment

Actually my friend's one, RM 50 enrolment fee, also includes textbooks (they print their own textbooks). So, RM 50 is inclusive of registration fee, textbooks, insurance and 2 sets of uniform & 1 set of P.E. T-shirt. Unbelievable cheap!!! They also apply Montessori Method in their kindergarten.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

from my view - parents have to observe whether the school really provide a "montessori method". I sent my kid of 3 years old to one montessori in ampang, the Head if one Mat Salleh - Registration fee - RM1,000 (non-refundable), Annual Fee - RM2,500 (non-refundable), uniform- RM70, school bag-rm40, monthly fee from 8.30am to 6.30pm - rm700. Initial month Total: rm4,310. (much more expensive than my parent paid for my Uni time)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

my daughter (x2) all goes to gov tadika only. u'll now the fee are so cheap. all of them can read,calculate mate well,speak 2 language english and malay and well behave.ow there,re in uni. for degree in medical and one in eng.

it's all depends on ourself at HOME acctualy.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, may i know which montessori is Ampang is it? My family live around Ampang Hilir and i am looking for a montessori nearby for my 3 year old nephew.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Not in Ampang.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, sorry, do you mind sharing with me this Montessori that you are referring here, am looking for one for my daughter. Pls PM me at many thanks.

Jarvis Ong said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, i'd like to know which Montessori that you are referring to. Do you mind to PM me at Thanks in advance! :)

San San

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Guess parents missed a very important element in Montessori syllabus: child learn to be independent (other than the language, numerical skills etc etc). Don't u people notice, today, our uni grads still need to be fed, can't stand alone...? yes, of course, it is expensive, good things are no cheap! Parents, you should change your mentality!

About the racial polarization issue: sorry, I beg to be different! The non is being thrown with remarks (by the majority), which is disgusting to me, & I really hate the policies of this Bolehland practices. So, be it. I will explain to my child why this happens, and for the time being, I am not in favor of mixing with these "people". Sorry, I am not racist but the environment makes me & leave me no choice.

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