Saturday, March 6, 2010

Done my comprehensive health screening @ Golden Horses Health Sanctuary

Today I've done my comprehensive health screening together with my wife at Golden Horses Health Sanctuary(GHHS) inside the Palace of the Golden Horses.

Seems like both of us need to reduce some of our body fat to make it fall back to the "normal range" from the current slightly high side.

Few years back, we joint the membership of this health screening programme at the price of RM5,000 and entitiled to use some of the Country Heights' facilities (such as swimming pool, gym, etc.) and 20 years of annual health screening service at the cost of RM3xx per year.

This is a really comprehensive health examination. The result of the following 99 items are included in my report:
  • General inspection (10 items)
  • Ophthalmic inspection (8 items)
  • Physical examination (11 items)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) (1 item)
  • Hearing inspection (2 items)
  • Pulmonary function inspection (3 items)
  • Hematology profile (15 items)
  • Blood group (2 items)
  • Diabetic screening (1 item)
  • Lipids profile (6 items)
  • Liver function (9 items)
  • Renal function profile (5 items)
  • Calcium, phosphorus and iron (3 items)
  • Gout screening (1 item)
  • Hepatitis B screening and other serology test (3 items)
  • Arthritis screening (1 item)
  • Thyroid profile (2 items)
  • Cancer screening (2 items)
  • Urinalysis (12 items)
  • Chest X-Ray (1 item)
  • Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis (1 item)
My wife's report contains even more items, including ultrasound on breast and pap smear test.

We are given free voucher (transferable) to conduct bone test, recommended for people above 45 years old. As we are still at our young age, we plan to transfer the entitlement for the bone test to our parents.

It is a good practice to conduct comprehensive health screening to our body, so that if there is any health distortion, can be detected and rectified at early stage. We can also enjoy an income tax relief of up to RM500 per year for complete medical examination like this.

So, have you done yours?


Lee Zuan said... Reply To This Comment

Hey nice topic which you have shared.Now a days health screening is essential to stay healthy and prevent disease. Thanks !for sharing such informative information....Benefit Health

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Do you do the following : -
1) ENT(Ear, Nose, Nasal Pharynx, Oral Pharynx, Throat) Examination?
2) Colorectal Cancer Screening
3) Abdominal Sonography
4) Ocular Tension Exam
5) Bone Mineral Density
6) Abdomen X-ray

How about CT scan?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


1) ENT(Ear, Nose, Nasal Pharynx, Oral Pharynx, Throat) Examination - yes
2) Colorectal Cancer Screening - no
3) Abdominal Sonography - yes
4) Ocular Tension Exam - yes
5) Bone Mineral Density - as mentioned. Not done for my age, but a free transferable voucher is given.
6) Abdomen X-ray - no. Chest X-ray only.

They have the CT scan facility, but I didn't do the CT scan.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

IC. CT Scan is better for diagnostic use, not for prevention. A typical CT scan equals 400 chest X-rays.

Why don't you send your parent for comprehensive health screening?

RM 5000 per person for 20 years and everytime the screening is RM 3XX.00?? or RM 5XX.00?

Wanna clarify as what I knew from friend is RM 5XX.00 for check-up and membership fee is RM 15000 for 20 years.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


I also heard that the price has increased a lot over the past few years.

Lucky to have joint the membership in early days.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I have done mine! But not at Golden Horses Health Sanctuary!

It is super expensive package!!
I know it is expensive, becoz my mum did it there.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I joined as a member club n yes, the fees is increase. RM13,000 for 20 years n yearly RM585.
So far, is the programme worth it since im a new member.TQ

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

When did you join the package. RM5000 for 20 yrs is cheap. I just join last week, i took the 10 yrs programme and the price is aroun 10k and RM500 yearly.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Year joint was around 2003.

Crystal said... Reply To This Comment

dear all, im organizing a health screening centre tour tmr 24/09 at 7pm, PJ area. We are the world's largest healthcare institution yet offering at 75% below market price, compared to those you get in eg. GHHS, SJMC, etc. Our comprehensive screening is according to WHO benchmark, which is total of 104 items screened. Drop me a msg at 017-2840587. Bring along your loved ones, especially parents.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

The above test can be done in the clinic for about RM300. The money you pay for it (RM5000) is not worth it. If your house is not near to the hotel, are you purposely drive there to enjoy all this facilities.

I don't understand why people can pay RM15000 just to buy the membership and have to pay somemore 3xx or 5xx yearly?

CT scan is a diagnostic test and not screening test. We do not simply do CT scan for screening purposes.

Cancer screening accuracy on at max 20-30%. So why pay to do this unspecific test? You are not going to get any conclusion for this.

Pls calculated it yourself. RM15000 can do a lot of walk in check up. Why not use the money to learn how to live healthy rather than 'donate' all these money to the medical center. After check up, if normal, if u r not change habit(cont smoking, cont high salt intake, cont high sugar intake and all unhealthy habits). You can guarentee get the medical disease.

If you calculate what you need, you will be buying alot of unnecessary facilities /tests. The cost of CT scan will be cheaper overtime NOT getting more expensive. Be smart, do not do unnecessary medical check up. It only risk your health only as some reader know 1 CT = 400 CXR. So, I don't understand why people still risk their and their love one's life?

I would say the package is not worth at all. RM585 can do a lot of tests if you find a good GP to do it for you.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I don't understand why nowadays people would like to do a lot of scan and test. Are they too scare about disease or they are too rich? Do you know scanning machine got harmful radiation it can cause cancer. Will you feel proud of paying money on those expensive scanning test? Maybe this is five star service but do you think they are really care for your health or your wallet? Be smart! Don't simply believe those health test.Read more quality books and live healthy and eat healthy. if you are free attend some health talk, get some knowledge for you.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

the yearly annual fee can claim thru LHDN if im not mistaken.

Is the membership is include free stay at POGH?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Free stay is one time only.

Every year, there will be some sort of goodies, normally in the form of vouchers.

The membership include unlimited free access to facilities such as sauna, swimming pool, gym room, etc.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Seems like the haters don't understand the "Payback Scheme". The money paid will be given back at the end of the program, to the member or his/her nominee (husband/wife/son/daughter). You can also request to stop the program early and take back the amount you had paid. It is stated in the insurance agreement. Yes, you will get a 5-year insurance coverage like in the normal insurance for all 36 critical illness, in the form of lump sum amount.

Besides, if you dont want to do health screening in a year, you can convert it to a 4d3n stay in a 5-star hotel, locally or oversea, as per list of hotel provided.

If you do the screening test, you will entitled for 1n stay at Palace's deluxe room (which cost around rm780++ per night). Just stay at the hotel, take a boat ride to the Mines and go shopping/gym/etc there.

If you don't want to do the CT scan, you will be entitled for 7d6n stay in 5-star hotel, like mentioned before.

You will also get many other benefits such as free gym session, free sauna/jacuzzi, 20% discount on spa treatment, access to palace's swimming pool, etc for 20 years. Just need to do appointment before going there.

I'm not an agent for this program. just a customer/client. joint under rm13k (20 years) programme. there is also rm10k (10 years) programme.

In my opinion, this is a win-win situation where we can get a lot of medical benefits and facilities and the GHHS can use our money to improve their facilities/make more money from it. Insurance that you have take is important too, but prevention is better than cure right :)

If interested, you can email me at

Blue Cross of California said... Reply To This Comment

Health screening is good to prevent us in any diseases. It stay us to be healthy. Proper diet, eating healthy foods is the best way to prevent us in any diseases.

Kian, Ting said... Reply To This Comment

This is really a scam, as I am one of the customer, after going through the first round of health check I find that I can get a better and more comprehensive health check in Glen Eagles for the price of 2600 per pax. I just get the normal check.

I wanted to discontinue my membership, at the time I sign up the sales consultant told me and assured me that this is not like Fitness First contract and I can cancle my membership any time and my 20K deposit would be refunded to me now they told me that they dont want to refund it.

Is there a consumer welfare group that I could launch a complaint, I will make it to the press if I have too, 20K is not a small amount for me consider I am just donig normal work. I am readly dissapointed with Golden Horses health Sanctuary Scam

Pei Qin said... Reply To This Comment


so, you signed up at Palace of Golden Horses for 20K? For how many years? When did you sign up? You did exactly the same type in Glen Eagle for 2600 per pax/time?

Pei Qin said... Reply To This Comment


Agreed with what you said. We can join if the initial membership fee is reasonable and we only pay each time we do the comprehensive health screening. That will be more worth it. I joined 1 that is about 70% price the 2nd time we do the comprehensive health screening.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I was asked to sign up the health screen package for rm20 000 and every year i have to pay rm1085 as maintenance fee for 20 years. Is it a good deal?

zainal said... Reply To This Comment

I really have problem with this. Join on 2009. Now everything just suck!!!...customer service problem. My direct debit payment always have problem. I call my bank card and found out I dun have problem, recently (since 2011).This letter & calls really disturb me since I have many thing to everyday.They promised me no expired date for the entitlement holiday but now i received letter remind me to use my entitlement b4 Jun this year. in a simple word, they promised so many things but actually so many terms & conditions they hide from us. Not suggest to anyone to join them. They not honest!!!

felix said... Reply To This Comment

boleh ke kita terminate the program and x bayar dia punye bulan2 payment 2??

Ding said... Reply To This Comment

Hi. May I know if you made complaint? And how do you go about it? Thanks

Ding said... Reply To This Comment

Do let me know how to terminate as I'm thinking of terminating. Thanks

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment


I want to sell my GHHS membership for RM4000. It has another 13 years to go. Those interested please call me @ 012-2090635.

Thank you


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

there's a cashback scheme in the booklet while we sign but the agent not explain about it while we sign up the plan, does anyone of u know about it?

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Totally agreed with Zainal. I joined in year 2014. And I found their service is suck. Every year there will be someone call me for annual fee instead of making appointment for check up. The ways they talk are very rude, sounds like loan shark. I hang up the phone and they keep calling that really scared me. This is a spam package, hope more people read our messages so no one will get cheated again.

Manager of Stars & Planet said... Reply To This Comment

Yes. I m too a victim. How to take action against them

Celeste said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Zainal, are you able to file complaint? Can share it here? By the way, we have a committee to tackle this issue, you may let me know if you would like to join. Thanks.

Celeste said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Ding, are you able to file complaint? Can share it here? By the way, we have a committee to tackle this issue, you may let me know if you would like to join, email address Thanks.

Celeste said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, we are forming a group to tackle this issue. You may email your contact number at if you interested to join the group.

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