Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upgraded Toyota Avanza 1.5 stock Dunlop SP10 185/65R15 88S tyres to Goodyear Eagle NCT5 195/60R15 88V

It is time for my Toyota Avanza 1.5G to have new set of tyres, and the stock tyres with spec of 185/65R15 is not so popular, and limited choice. As a result, I decided to change the spec to 195/60R15 which is more popular, has more choice and easier to get.

The stock tyres for Toyota Avanza 1.5G are Dunlop SP10 185/65R15 88S. They are quite durable, and I've used them for 3 years, running over a mileage of over 60,000 kilometers, before I finally replace them.

Stock tyre - Dunlop SP10

I've chosen the wider Goodyear Eagle NCT5 195/60R15 88V as the replacement.

New tyre - Goodyear Eagle NCT5

This Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tyre gives better handling and firmer grip than Dunlop SP10. Since it is 88V, it is designed to be able to run in higher speed as fast as 240km/h too, although I don't think the 1.5 engine of my Avanza can get close to that kind of speed.

Although the original 15" rim can be used, the new tyre is about 1" wider than before, and I was advised by the tyre shop to change to a new set of 15" rim to match with the new tyre's spec. The stock rims are traded in. Then, I was told that this new rim need a centre cone ring to fit better to the chasis and avoid possible vibration. The wheel nut need to be changed as well.

Here is what I've paid, including workmanship for installation:
  • 4x new Goodyear Eagle NCT5 195/60R15 88V tyre, manufactured in 17th week of 2010 (about 2 weeks ago): RM840
  • 4x 15" Taiwan made ADR sport rim, traded in with stock rim: RM660
  • 4x centre cone: RM50
  • Wheel nuts: RM50
  • 4x steel valve: FOC
  • Balancing and alignment: FOC
Hope that I've got a good price for the wheels replacement.

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Jason Lee said... Reply To This Comment

Wow!, really value for money.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I just did a similar upgrade at Puchong Puteri and would like to share here too:

- 4 x Michelin 195/60R15 M1: RM 940 (7th 2010)
- 4 x Sport Rim with trade in (6 1/2 inches): RM500
- 4 x centre cone: RM 60
- 4 x steel valve: RM 32
- Alignment: RM 15

Some problem with the cambers at front (left and right):
- Adjustment (L/R): RM50
- 2 camber screws: RM 70

Other findings:
- Another shop nearby quoted the same tyre with RM 260 which is RM25 more than this shop
- Toyota quoted me the stock tyre (Dunlop SP10 185/65R15 with RM 262 !!

富升 said... Reply To This Comment

if you want to buy Toyota Avanza tyre, pls go to Shah Alam Tyre... they offer at RM 195 for Dunlop SP10.
I stick to original spec....

I call to Shah Alam Toyota service centre, they say no stock, may be I am polite to check where can I get then, so the staff tell me they also buy tyre from " Shah Alam tyre" near the round about or goodyear tyre plant.

So we must be polite everyday to everyone...good luck

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

looking for Avanza door visors & mud flaps (original type). i need a site/contact where i can buy online.
thanks for your help

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