Friday, August 27, 2010

Best antivirus / security suite in 2010

What is the best antivirus and/or security suite for home user now?

I believe a good security solution for home computer:

  • should detect most if not all of the virus and malware.
  • should be good in protecting from new/unknown virus and malware.
  • should not have too much false positive.
  • should not diminish the performance of the computer too much. The computer should not be sluggish when the security solution is running.
  • should not consume too much CPU and memory resource.
  • should be fast in scanning for virus and malware.
After reading the comparison and benchmarking reports in these websites...
 I found that the best in 2010 is a competition between these 2 vendors:
  • ESET
  • Symantec
Slovakia company ESET produces the NOD32 Antivirus and the ESET Smart Security suite, while US company Symantec produces the Norton Antivirus and the Norton Internet Security suite.

However, in terms of pricing and availability in retail computer store in Malaysia, Symantec definitely has the upper hand.

Therefore, the best security suite in 2010 for me is Norton Internet Security 2010. I bought a genuine box of it with 1 year subscription to 3 computers at the price of RM100 in Digital Mall recently.

After installing Norton Internet Security 2010, I got free upgrade to Norton Internet Security 2011 with its Norton Update Center.


    Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

    To be efficient in detecting attacks and has low false alarm rates, most of the products are signature-based.
    Basically, they are unable to detect novel attacks.

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