Friday, November 5, 2010

How to make your boss like you

The November 2010 issue of Personal Money magazine has an article titled "9 Ways To Get Into Your Boss' Good Books" which I believe is very advisable for all employee to read, understand and practise in order to excel in their career.

The 9 tips to let your boss like you are:

  • Make your boss look good
  • Understand your boss
  • Understand your boss' expectations and do more than is expected of you
  • Provide solutions rather than problems
  • Working independently on the job
  • Make your time count
  • Communicate with your boss
  • Watch your code of conduct
  • Showing positivism in your life and work
Beside that, the following are something usually done by employee to please their boss, but might not work at all:
  • Trying to look productive but nothing is happening
  • Making your boss look good in the wrong way
  • Tripod-ding and apple-polishing
  • Working overly independent of your boss
For detailed explanation of all the above points, grab yourself a copy of November 2010 Personal Money magazine and read through page 59-61.


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