Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook going to shutdown on 15 March 2011? True or not?

I believe by now you might have gotten the shocking message saying that Mark Zuckerberg announced in a so-called "press conference outside his Palo Alto office" announcing the shutdown of his popular social network website Facebook on 15 March 2011 as "managing the site has become too stressful".

Are you concerned?

Well, I believe the possibility for this to really happen is only 0.5%, and 99.5% chance for it to be a hoax.

Why I say so?

  • If it is really announced in a press conference, this news is not likely to be only reported by a single not-so-famous website (originator). Perhaps that website intended to gain publicity by starting this kind of rumours.
  • Although Facebook is not public listed, it has quite a number of investors and shareholders, and Mark Zuckerberg only holds about a quarter of the total shares. As such, Mark Zuckerberg cannot simply end the business of Facebook for whatever reason, without nods from the other shareholders and investors.
  • There is no such official announcement in Facebook website at all.
Anyhow, think about it, if Facebook is really to be gone, how are you going to be affected then? If you really can't live without it, this is really an alarming sign. Beware...


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

The spurious report was started by a site to which we refuse to link, known for its reports of impending attacks of alien spaceships and false reports of a Michelle Obama pregnancy.

Read the full story here:

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