Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fixing Android unable to connect to WiFi network problem with FXR WiFi Fix And Rescue

Have you ever encountered these kind of WiFi network connection problem with your Android device?

  • Your Android device unable to detect the presence of a particular WiFi router/AP although SSID is broadcasted and all other wireless devices can detect and connect to the WiFi without problem
  • Your Android device's failed to obtain IP address from the WiFi router/AP and unable to start, although the WiFi DHCP service is running well with other wireless devices
  • Your Android device's WiFi service just unable to start
Normally, situations as above come at a sudden, and before that, your Android device has no issue at all connecting to that particular WiFi all the while.

Sometimes, rebooting the Android device can fix the problem, and you'll be able to connect back to the WiFi again. However, the same problem might also come back again.

I've encountered such annoying problem between my Android phone and my home WiFi router, and I finally fixed it using a free tool called FXR WiFi Fix And Rescue.

It is a one button fix solution. Just click the "Fix My WiFi" button and the tool will attempt to fix your WiFi problem in your Android device for you. You will lost all your WiFi settings, including all the saved WiFi connection passwords, along the process. However, this is still much better than having to do a full factory reset to the Android device.

It worth to give it a try before going for factory reset or sending the Android device to repair center.


shubhakar said... Reply To This Comment

hey, i tried the above app. but i cant find my wifi working,, wat should b my next step, should i reset my phone? if i reset my phone i would get the apps as it was in the beginning of my 2.3.5?? (Im now running 2.3.5), i have a titanium backup of all my apps,:), can i restore them later, or would i loose titanium backup application also after the reboot?? plz help

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Try reboot.

hugo de anda said... Reply To This Comment

I have this problem often. but I fix it enabling and disabling wifi and the airplane mode. I also erase and registering the wifi network again and again. I can't afford to erase all wifi info.

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