Friday, July 1, 2011

Clarivue matte anti-glare screen protector for HTC Incredible S

Although HTC Incredible S comes with Corning Gorilla Glass, I think it still need a screen protector that can reduce fingerprint, smudge and glare. So far, I found that only the matte kind of screen protector can fulfill this requirement.

However, the trade-off of using matte screen protector is that, it will reduce the transparency of the screen, and you will see distortion of colourful tiny grains shown up, especially on white background.

Actually, before I went for Clarivue, I've been looking for the SGP Steinheil Ultra Optics screen protector which claims to allow more light transmittance from the screen, as well as minimize the graining effect of its matte surface. But SGP didn't have a clear schedule on when they will produce Steinheil Ultra Optics screen protector for HTC Incredible S, so I ended up using Clarivue instead.

Both SGP and Clarivue are expensive kind of screen protector costing more than US$10 per pack. Actually, screen protectors are just a piece of plastic and should not be more than US$1 when come out from factory. However, a lot of cheap matte screen protectors manufactured in China (and probably distributed from Hong Kong) are of low quality and bring a lot of visual distortion (graining effect) to the screen. So, sometimes we have to pay the premium to get the screen protector from a trusted brand in US (probably manufactured in Japan). In addition, Clarivue Anti-Glare and Ultra-Clear screen protectors come with "lifetime warranty". You can always have a replacement for your screen protector from Clarivue at a handling cost of US$3 for regular shipping.

Clarivue can be ordered online from their website, and they provide free shipping worldwide for their HTC Incredible S matte anti-glare screen protector. Purchase with coupon code "clarivue1210" and you will get a 10% discount directly. I waited about 2 weeks for it to come all the way from USA to Malaysia.

The package of Clarivue comes with 2 pieces of screen protectors and 1 pre-moistened cleaning tissue pack. It is very easy to apply on the phone.

Although there is still some tiny grains on the matte screen, I find the overall screen display is still OK with Clarivue matte screen protector applied on it.

This is how the screen of HTC Incredible S with Clarivue anti-glare screen protector looks like, with the brightness setting to "auto". Note that the vibrant colour from the WVGA Super-LCD screen is still intact. The multi-touch screen is also as responsive as before.

And this is how the screen looks like when I set the brightness setting to 0%. Even at this extremely dim level, the screen is still viewable.

Therefore, I have no complain to Clarivue matte anti-glare screen protector other than its price.


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