Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Download the new Android Market version 3.1.3 for smartphones

If you have a smartphone running on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), I recommend you to upgrade your Android Market to the latest version 3.1.3. This is the new release, more recent than the previous Android Market 3.0.26 / 3.0.27.

You can download the APK file of this new Android Market 3.1.3 from any of the links listed here:

You don't need root access to upgrade your Android Market to this new version. Same as the other APK installation, you'll need to enable "Unknown sources" installation in the phone's Settings > Applications.

This is how the new Android Market 3.1.3 looks like.

Its starting page is the Featured list. It has separate navigation listing for Top  Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free and Trending. You can filter the listing by Categories and the result will be listed accordingly.

The Android Market 3.1.3 introduced Google's +1 feature, so you can +1 the apps you like.

Press the Menu button of your Android phone, and select My Apps to view the listing of the apps installed in your phone.

Another remarkable new feature in Android Market 3.1.3 is the PIN setting security for making purchases. You might be aware that previous versions of Android Market will let you make purchase of new apps with your Google Checkout account just by tapping on the Purchase button. If you let other people use or play with your phone, you have to be alerted that they can open the Market app and start purchasing paid apps using your account. Now, if you have set a PIN and locked down the purchase function with your PIN, that danger won't simply happen anymore.

Note: If you have an Android tablet running on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), this Android Market 3.1.3 upgrade might not be applicable to your device.


Peter Yew said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Voyager8, thanks for the lead. I have installed the updated Market and am impressed. Peter.

M Hatim Kausarali said... Reply To This Comment

hi voyager8, i didn't install this update but was updated automatically without any notification from market. The problem is that the new version 3.1.3 has been too slow and irresponsive with the internet, though having a moderate speed it is too slow than the previous one.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


Yes, it lists more apps on the screen, so the loading is slower.

The part that I find still fast is the Categories main screen, which I think is local (content not retrieved from Internet).

Saorsa Studio of Beads said... Reply To This Comment

Do you have to have 2.2 or better? Or will it work on 2.1?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

@Saorsa Studio of Beads

You can make a try.

There are NG reports for some devices with Android 2.1.

sharon said... Reply To This Comment

hi , this version is very slow,so how can we go back to the old version.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


You can try uninstall it in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market

Click the "Uninstall updates" button.

After uninstall, it should fall back to the original system version.

irajab said... Reply To This Comment

very slow

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