Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updated HTC Incredible S from Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) to Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS)

Right after Google released the latest Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) last week, finally the last version of Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS) with Sense UI 3.6 is now rolled out to HTC Incredible S smartphones.

The OTA (Over-The-Air) 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS) with Sense UI 3.6 for HTC Incredible S smartphone has been made available to Malaysia yesterday (18 July 2012) morning, a few days after its roll out to European region.

You can manually check for the update now, or wait for the automated update alert appear on your HTC Incredible S smartphone sooner or later.
The download process with probably take half an hour or more, and the updating process will take another quarter hour or more.

After successful update, I manually restarted the phone 3 times, and it is now operating faster than before (while it was on Gingerbread), showing its improvement in this new version.

The following are observed in the Android ICS for HTC Incredible S:
  • A new launch bar which you can put in 4 most commonly used app, and in the center is the "All apps" icon. This launch bar appears in every of the 7 Home Screens. The quick launch icons in the Lock Screen follows the 4 apps you put in this launch bar.
  • The stock Camera app has been improved.
  • Widget of some apps is now resizable, including Folder Organizer and Business Calendar that I use.
  • Facebook for HTC Sense has been taken out. FriendStream now has to use the official Facebook app to access to my Facebook account.
  • Network usage info (both mobile and Wi-Fi) can be displayed in Settings > Usage. This is in direct competition with some 3rd party apps like 3G Watchdog.
  • The items in Quick Settings list is now lesser, and you can no longer find Wi-Fi and GPS toggle switch in the list. You will need one more step, to tap on the icon to the right of Additional Settings bar to reach the Wi-Fi toggle switch in another list. The GPS toggle is even deeper inside the Location setting.
  • Memory usage is observed to be lesser compared with previous version of Android.
  • Now can do screen capture by pressing the physical Power and Home buttons of the phone together.
  • Calls is now accessable to People, Groups and Call History directly.
  • Added many Developer Options inside the Settings.
  • The buttons of stock Calculator app now has too big font size.
  • The white background of stock Battery widget make its text hard to see.
  • .....
This Android ICS for HTC Incredible S smartphone is really a major upgrade from Gingerbread. Have fun!


nightevil said... Reply To This Comment

cant get the screen capture image after pressing the physical power + home buttom together. can advise? Using HTC IS.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


The image is captured when you hear the camera shutter sound.

It is stored as a .png file inside the DCIM folder of your SD card in the phone.

nightevil said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the advise.. finally i got the tactic. is press the power button 1st, a second later press menu button. Then the screen capture will able to shutter ur screen. Thanks again for the sharing infor. :)

Cedric Vaz said... Reply To This Comment

hi , do you know how to increase the overall font size ? it's gotten way smaller compared to font size of sense 3.0

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

@Cedric Vaz

You can try an app called Big Font available in Google Play Store.

Kevin CK Chong said... Reply To This Comment

GPS orientation on map is no longer working after upgraded to 4.0.4
Any tips?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

@Kevin CK Chong

Try fixing it using GPSTest by Mike Lockwood.

KurzmurZ said... Reply To This Comment

SD card always unmounted by itself after upgraded to 4.0.4

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

How to update HTC incredible version 2.3.4 to 4.0.4 can anyone help me :(

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