Thursday, October 25, 2012

MFM Custom POI 20121023 for Garmin released - including AES cameras alert

Contributors in MalFreeMaps (MFM) forum have just released MFM-CPOI 20121023 (WAV format only) Point-Of-Interest (POI) files for Garmin GPS navigators.

These custom POI will enable your Garmin GPS to alert you on the following points when you approaching them:

  • MFM-Accident Area v2.6
  • MFM-AES Cameras v2.1
  • MFM-AES Mobile Camera v1.8
  • MFM-AES Traffic Light v2.0
  • MFM-Checkpoints v3.0
  • MFM-Expressway R&R Stop areas v5.0
  • MFM-Latar_Toll v1.0
  • MFM-Ngvstations
  • MFM-Night Market POIs v2.22
  • MFM-NKVE_Cameras v1.0
  • MFM-Pasar Tani v2.3
  • MFM-Power Grids v2.0
  • MFM-Railway Crossing V2.5
  • MFM-Redlight Cameras v1.9
  • MFM-Road Junctions
  • MFM-School Zone v2.0
  • MFM-SGRC_B_W_091206
  • MFM-SGRC_S_W_091206
  • MFM-Sharp Bend v3.6
  • MFM-Speed Traps & Camera v5.3
  • MFM-State Border V1.0
  • MFM-Toll Plazas v2.1
  • MFM-Tunnel v1.3
  • MFM-Touch n Go Hubs v1.0
You can install the full list, or just some of them, by copying the respective GPI files into the Garmin\POI folder (create one if it doesn't exist) of your Garmin GPS.
This compilation contains POI alert for the Automatic Enforcement System (AES) installed by JPJ recently.


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