Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fixed IE 10 unable to download, Windows Update not functioning, MS Excel web query broken problem

Recently, one of the harddisks in the RAID 1 storage of my PC had given out S.M.A.R.T warning, and I've replaced it with a new harddisk.

The RAID was successfully rebuilt with the new harddisk, but I noticed something was not functioning well:

  • The download function of Internet Explorer 10 in my Windows 7 stopped to work. Whenever I tried to download something, all the options in the IE 10 download prompt greyed out, and I can choose none of open, save nor cancel. In addition, pressing Ctrl-J in IE 10 to view downloads had no respond at all.
  • Windows Update also not functioning and unable to check for updates from Microsoft site.
  • All the web query links in my MS Excel worksheets were broken and unable to refresh data from the web.
These problems were fixed after I downloaded and installed the latest version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST)  RAID Driver from Intel Download Center.

If you are also having the same problem after you made change to your PC storage (i.e. replace harddisk, add new harddisk, etc.), hopefully this solution is also workable for you.


Dodger said... Reply To This Comment

I bow in appreciation of your post. This was my exact problem. Windows 7 and I replaced a failing RAID disk. The RAID disk worked fine but then I wasn't able to do updates or download files with explorer. After wasting 6 hours looking for a virus I found your post. Fixed it right up. Many Many thanks.

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