Saturday, December 21, 2013

UTOO S5 (10,000mAh) Li-polymer power bank is available now

Remember the UTOO S2 (3000mAh) and S3 (5000mAh) Li-polymer power bank that I wrote about recently? Now there is another UTOO S5 (10,000mAh) joining the family.

The UTOO S5 resembles the UTOO S3, but is thicker with double the charge capacity to 10,000mAh. It also has 4 LEDs in front, and with attached charging cable at its side.

With double capacity, we anticipate the S5 needs to have longer recharging time than the S3. UTOO says that the S5 is equipped with unique capability that can speed up the charging process safely, and the recharging time can be as fast as 7 hours only.

With double capacity, we also can have more spare power for our electronic gadgets, particularly smartphones with large screen, and also tablets.


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