Friday, January 31, 2014

KFC Golden Wrap Chicken promotion set

On the way back to hometown for my Chinese New Year holiday, I stopped by Tapah R&R (Rehat & Rawat) station for dinner, and found a new menu item in KFC - the Golden Wrap Chicken (纸包鸡) with new Orleans flavour.

Golden Wrap Chicken is a Cantonese recipe, and is a famous dish of several Chinese restaurants (of Leong Ya (梁雅) family) in Seri Kembangan and Puchong, Selangor.

Last year around Chinese New Year, KFC Malaysia offerred their first Golden Wrap Chicken promotion set for a limited time, but I didn't try it.

Now, the Golden Wrap Chicken is back to KFC Malaysia and also some other places including KFC Taiwan. There is a change in its recipe too. Last year the KFC Golden Wrap Chicken is cooked together with mushrooms and corns, and this year, the corns are gone, and it has a new Orleans flavour.

The RM9.95 KFC Golden Wrap Chicken Combo set comes with 2 pieces of paper wrapped chicken and 1 large cup of Revive isotonic drink. There is another RM39.90 Golden Wrap Feast set available, which has more items.

I personally found the KFC Golden Wrap Chicken tastes even better than their fried chicken. It worth a try.


Mak Lin said... Reply To This Comment

Taste it twice! super sedap.

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