Thursday, August 7, 2014

My first purchase experience with Tesco Online Shopping

Tesco is my favourite hypermarket for grocery shopping. Usually, I'll go to their physical store near my house.

Tesco Online Shopping service has been made available to my area for quite some times. Now they are having promotion to provide free delivery service (normally they'll charge for RM10 delivery fee) and also free potato chips as gift to online shoppers.

I just need to select the items to purchase from their website, tell them the delivery address, book a delivery time slot, and confirm the order. Payment will be made with credit card only when I receive the goods.

They sent out a confirmation email to me within seconds after the order was placed. I was allowed to make changes to the order or to cancel the order one day before the delivery is due.

Their delivery man called me to confirm there will be person waiting at home during the delivery time slot. The delivery van arrived pretty punctual. I was told that 2 of the items I ordered are out of stock. The rest of the items arrived in good condition, together with the free gift. I was charged for the actual amount and paid with on credit card on the spot.

Buying with Tesco Online Shopping save me time and effort to have to go to their physical store. I also no need to worry about the long payment queue at the store's cashier counter. It is really convenient.

However, here are a few drawbacks:
  • The nearest delivery time slot might not be available. In this case, you might need to pick for a time slot that require you to wait for some times before you receive the goods.
  • Tesco Clubcard vouchers and coupons cannot be applied for online purchase yet.
  • I am not sure whether the Tesco Clubcard points collection is applicable for online purchase or not. There is no place to key-in Clubcard number during online purchase, and there is no device to swipe the Clubcard for points collection during goods receipt.
  • I was not informed about the goods that are out of stock, until their delivery man arrived at my doorstep and inform me so.
After all, this is a good experience of grocery shopping with Tesco Online.


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

great article

Kelly said... Reply To This Comment
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Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

still prefer visit to physic store rather than shopping online because we can't see the actual product and used to happen argument.

Kelly said... Reply To This Comment

I do visit physic store during weekend, but most of the time will just place order from Tesco online shop because of busy working. So far haven't meet any problem yet, because I used to check my goods before the driver leave if the goods is not in good condition I will just ask for replacement.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Tesco delivery is not in time. Also, there are still many option for e-shopping not only tesco. Always look for alternative choices.

Kelly said... Reply To This Comment

Do you receive any call from them when they are late on the delivery. From my experience they did came late from the first time I start purchasing online because I set the address to my office and they couldn't find it. But they do give me a call and I felt satisfied at least they did inform me the reason why they are late.

Ligwen said... Reply To This Comment

Just got an eCoupon from Tesco. Might as well share with you guys. But this code only works for one acc once only. So remember to use this before it expired.
Ecoupon Code : 10FREE
Value : RM10 off RM150
Validity : 13 June – 31 July 2015

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Huh? I didn't know that Tesco got an online store. Omg might go and check this out. Btw how can we use this coupon?

Ligwen said... Reply To This Comment

First you have to register an account for eTesco, after when you proceed to the payment page you will notice there is a session call eCoupon click it and enter the code it will be auto deduct from the total price.

Ligwen said... Reply To This Comment

hi,Voyager8. Too bad that so far Tesco club card still doesn't apply to eTesco maybe someday they might get this features. Btw, I joined the Tesco club as well.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, Voyager8. Me too. I also not be informed by tesco regarding the goods that are out of stock, until the driver arrived at my doorstep than only they inform me.

Kelly said... Reply To This Comment

The online store should have listed which goods are out of stocks and also the system will prevent you to select the goods that are out of stock. If this still happen maybe is really coincidence when the physical store just out of stock once you place your oder. Sometimes this is hard to prevent unless the website update every sec which is impossible.

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