Thursday, January 19, 2017

TM UniFi free bandwidth upgrade 2017

Under budget 2017, the Malaysian govenment has initiated a move to increase the broadband Internet speed in the country while reducing the broadband subscription fee.

Following the budget announcement in October 2016, broadband service providers in Malaysia, both wired and wireless, have respectively announced their bandwidth increment and/or price reduction plans.

For domestic TM UniFi and Streamyx users, TM has promised to provide free upgrade to existing bandwidth subscribed by their users, at no additional cost. Now, this has come to reality!

If you are existing domestic TM UniFi or Streamyx user, you can check for the free Internet speed upgrade detail of your subscription with this webpage:

In general, if your existing UniFi package is 30 Mbps, you will be upgraded to 50 Mbps, at the same subscription fee as before, and all the components in your package remains the same except for the increase in bandwidth. If your existing UniFi package is 50 Mbps, you will get 100 Mbps after the upgrade.

This bandwidth upgrade exercise is called the "TM Thank You Surprise Free Speed Upgrade Campaign".

Eligible TM broadband customers will receive email and/or SMS about this campaign, together with the link above. If you have not received the message from TM, you can still click on the above link to check for your eligibility.

To accept this offer, you need to visit to the above link, and fill in your basic personal details.

Before filling up the online form and giving out your personal detail, it is always advisable for you to check for the validity of the website's SSL certificate to ensure the website you visited is genuine.

If you are using Google Chrome browser, click on the word "Secure" with lock icon at the left of the URL address bar, then click "Details" under "Secure connection", then click the "View certificate" button.

If you are using Internet Explorer browser, click on the lock icon (security report) at the right of the URL address bar, then click "View certificates".

You should then be able to see that the SSL certificate of the website is issued to and the expiry date is in the future.

After submitting your details which include your UniFi phone number, the screen will show you your eligible upgrade. You can then choose to accept or decline the upgrade offer.

  • If you declined the offer, nothing will happen. You will continue to pay your UniFi subscription fee at same amount, and your bandwidth remains the same as before. All the components in your package: voice calls, HyppTV, TM WiFi, ... remains the same.
  • If you accepted the offer, your bandwidth will be upgraded in a future date (before July 2017). Your subscription fee remains the same as before the upgrade, and all the components in your package: voice calls, HyppTV, TM WiFi, ... remains the same.
  • If you do not indicate accept or decline, I'm not sure it will default to which option. Most likely it will default to declined.
Important: if you wish to accept this offer, you need to click on the Accept button in the website latest by 31 January 2017.

According to TM, once your bandwidth is successfully upgraded, you will be informed by email and/or SMS. You will need to reboot your modem or CPE equipment for the new bandwidth to take effect.


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