Thursday, April 13, 2017

Repaired my Alpha Smart 18EP instant shower water heater

Few days ago, the Alpha Smart 18EP instant shower water heater in one of my bathrooms failed its start-up test. All its LEDs were blinking in red colour.

This water heater has different warranty period for different parts as follow:

  • Heating element: 5 years
  • Brushless DC motor: 5 years
  • Brushed AC motor: 1 year
  • Anti-leak tank: 10 years
  • Other internal parts: 1 year
My unit has already been used for more than 1 year. I tried my luck and called the company to send technician to my house for inspection and repair, which possibly cost much cheaper than buying and replacing with a new unit.

Alpha customer service supports reporting via Whatsapp, which I found is very convenient. You can find their Whatsapp / SMS number in this webpage. Alternatively, you can also report a problem using email or direct phone call too.

Since my water heater lifespan has already passed its 1 year warranty period, it cost me RM53 (including 6% GST) for them to dispatch a technician to my house for checking and repairing.

After the checking, a circuit board inside the water heater was found faulty and need replacement. That cost me another RM68 (including 6% GST).

So, the total cost of repair is RM121 (including 6% GST). This is indeed much cheaper than buying a replacement unit and get someone to change it for me.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with their service, particularly the availability of Whatsapp as one of the customer service channel. Their respond is fast, and the repairing cost is reasonable. Now, my water heater is up and running again.


patchris said... Reply To This Comment

Just had my Alpha 18I repaired as well! Great service from Alpha!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Where did you get the replacement board for the shower. It is difficult to locate a seller, so any help is most welcomed.

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

@jspbro brothers

Just call the manufacturer Alpha for direct support.

shahrezansickander said... Reply To This Comment

Good info... I'm repairing my own one now

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